Remember Me (New Trailer)

Something new from Capcom.

I am interested in the premise--and want to see where they go with it--but there is something off with the models and animations.
I love how Capcom is bring back the b-game/middle-tier experience. It will probably not be amazing, but there will be some enjoyment in it somewhere.
It's got voice acting straight out of a Dreamcast game, but that's not enough to deter my hype. I love this game's dystopic vision and I can't wait to explore it.
This trailer looks significantly less interesting than the last trailer, but I think they are just demonstrating that the game has combat too. I'm still hopeful that the game will be good. Still excited.


Woman in futuristic paris that doesn't need one has a better english accent than Lara Croft, from a welsh actress no less, what is the world coming to.

Looks nice though, not best looking thing in the world but I'm definitely interested.
cool that it has beat em up melee but seriously... that voice acting.

Were the voice actors held hostage during this filming? It sounds like they are in a dungeon cell and are bored.
Looks really boring, soulless and generic. I'll wait for reviews on this one; might pick it up when it's cheap. I doubt anyone is going to remember it when all the other huge 2013 titles are getting released.
what was that awesome game that came out around E3 or whatever where you were a guy that started out at a party then chased down your mark through rainy streets? its not this game but i remeber they wer announced at the same time.


I'd be in the dick
Is it too asshole-ish to say that this look like a C-level developer attempting to make a AAA game?
That's what it is. Sony dropped it as an exclusive for a reason.

I was really looking forward to this until I heard the voice acting and dialogue in that chase sequence video and saw the combat. Base idea is cool but they seem to have extended themselves past what they could feasibly do well.

Pie and Beans

Look for me on the local news, I'll be the guy arrested for trying to burn down a Nintendo exec's house.
Don't understand why they would release this at the end of the cycle...

Looks pretty bad too.
Was Sony exclusive, got canned, got uncanned by Capcom because their board has a fetish for ejaculating money at middling western developers. The new tactic though is to attach the names of the few Japanese developers they have left to these projects in the hopes idiot messageboard posters won't question how much involvement they really have with the title. This time it's Ono's turn!!