Remove a letter from a game and make it based on the title

Sep 17, 2012
Ales of Vesperia/Berseria etc
An epic adventure of various beer brewing factories. Who will gain control over production?

Fora Horizon
Pick a forum and try to race to the top against other forums

Microsoft Fight Simulator
The most complex fighting game in existence, requiring VR

A game about you know who

FIA International Soccer
Alternate name for Rocket League

With Likes this time


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Jun 25, 2018
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Azz Jackrabbit:
Emerge as a rabbit going on an adventure across multiple worlds looking for the Holy Grail of Azz with your water drinking buddy Spa Jazzrabbit.

Ayman: Hoodlum Havoc:
A 3D platformer where you randomly bump into the scenery and NPC's, resulting in people constantly calling you out for ''Ay Man!''. To restore your good relationships with the people, you travel to the ghetto, to find the Hoodlum Havoc bar.

Allout 4:
A poker game where Nuka Cola is the currency and where losing the game requires you to take one piece of your clothes off, eventually going all out.

A new take on the legendary series, Mineraft places the player through the Blocky Mountains, making structures along the watery course. Creepers will try to catch you along the way!

The Walking Ead:
Play as Ead, An adventurer who was misspelled at birth. Along the way you will encounter other people with unforgiving names, like Clamentiny, Dick Justice, and Clark Can't.

Ill of the Jungle:

This side scroller proves that jungle's are more dangerous than they would tell you.
Aug 14, 2014
Low effort, but I'd really like to have this:

GT Online

Fully fledged Gran Turismo online with all bells and whistles where you have to earn money through races to buy new vehicles and progress. You can do that in GTA Online as well, but it'd be nice with 1000+ real cars.
So basically GT7 I guess.

Off-topic: I always thought "Samurai Shodown" could use an additional letter ('w').
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Oct 21, 2014
Snake Ass. A game where you control a snake with physics based crap ass controls.

The Itness. Search a lost island for 'it'. Nobody knows what 'it' is except for a load of arty-farty nonsense.

Ad Max. Scour the wasteland looking for the best place to advertise products.
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Jun 27, 2013
Winston Salem, NC
Metal Gear Sold
As the CEO of Konami, you face nothing but reused assets and HD re-releases for the first few hours of gameplay. Eventually, you decide to focus entirely on pachinko machines and sell off your biggest products to Activision and WB. The ending to the game is a promised DLC, but will be canceled 2 weeks after release.

Red Dad Redemption II
After getting caught in an affair red handed, you must regain trust with your family while fighting for survival in a death game escape room.
Jun 25, 2015
Twited Metal
Indie humor music game where a heavy metal band perform songs based on little kids' misspelled tweets.

Final Fatasy
A game made by a man who is SO RICH that he can buy the whole Final Fantasy franchise and do whatever he wants with it, so he decides to make the game be like a regular Final Fantasy game but where every character has a really fat ass.
In fact the man is SO RICH that he retroactively changes every single already existing Final Fantasy game to be a Final Fatasy game.
Turns out the female Final Fantasy cosplayers are really glad and happy because now they actually look more like the characters they imitate.

After a Twitter apology for the history of the game Acclaim re-releases their controversial BMX game as a normal sports game without stripper videos and nude bikers.
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Oct 10, 2012
Ales from the Borderlands a pub sim where you as Mad Moxxi try and keep the beers flowing and the fights under control and upgrade your hostelry.

Allout I'll show you mine if you show me your's NSFW virtual strip poker

Ark Souls As Moses you have to ensure no more than two of each animal get on board before that pesky flood gets started and not all of the animals are keen on being excluded...

ITMAN Can you the solve the office computing problems and not be detected?
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Sep 4, 2018
The Secret of Money Island
Guy Threepwood is your host on this tropical island game show. Which of our contestants will be the first to discover the secret of Money Island?

Night Rap
In the spirit of Typing of the Dead and Rockband comes this new rhythm based horror game.

While on a hacking run, you get sucked through time back to the year 1981. Explore 100+ hours of open world gameplay in the new nostalgic entry in the WATCH_DOGS franchise with the most accurate interface possible: MS-DOS's text-based operating system.
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Oct 16, 2017
Thimbleweed Par
A retro point-and-click golf simulator

Ratchet & Clan
A new sequel in the franchise about Ratchet trying to find others of his kind.

Some kind of sanitary simulator.


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Oct 20, 2015
Host of Tsushima - A survival comedy horror game where you're an incredibly unfunny and boring talk show host trying to avoid getting you're ass kicked by a Samurai audience after every horror show you make.

I ablo.

You're learning spanish, but you're not very good at it.
A lot of creative and funny stuff here. This made me laugh hard for some reason xD
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Nov 3, 2013
I ablo.

You're learning spanish, but you're not very good at it.

Good one xD

I struggled with it because I'm spanish and hablo has an H...but it's still on point with the title xD

Dragon Ball Fighter. Same as FighterZ but the only character is Goku (so...almost the real thing lol).
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Jun 27, 2009
Hollywood, CA
Streets of Age - you are a centenarian, and your sweetheart Gertrude has been kidnapped by an evil gang of senile old people from the old age home up the street. Take your pills, and take back the night!

Farpint - you're lost in a distant galaxy, looking to have a drink with some alien spider monsters.
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Oct 1, 2014
Metroid Prim
The Metroid menace is no more, and Samus has to get accustomed to life in civilized society.

Meg Man
A dating sim about a robot gal named Meg.

Sonic Mana
Sonic wields an ancient sword to save a dying tree.
Jun 25, 2015
Cabela's Dangerous Huts
There are huts in the world. And then there are Cabela's huts. Those are really dangerous so a group of demolition men are hired to destroy the huts from the forests and jungles in the world. Be aware that you don't destroy the normal huts. Only destroy the dangerous huts made by Cabela.

Little Nemo: The Ream Master
The creator of this game sits now in jail for creating and distributing child pornography.

A man has an incredible capability of making hats with his hands. Somehow they made a game about it.

Ale Spin
A VR spin the bottle game with heavy alcohol theme.

The Mazing Spider-Man
Spider-Man has gone too far with his web slinging. He has to escape the maze of spider web he has created around himself.

Theme Ark
An alternate universe take on the Noah story where, instead of animals, he has to collect and preserve all television themes in the world before flood destroys them all.

A Boy And His Bob
The first official Twin Peaks video game. It's a walking simulator where you can experience the shenanigans of young Leland Palmer and Bob at Pearl Lakes.

Wii Pay
This was the first version of Wii Play. The idea was to have people buy the disc at full price and then pay extra money to unlock the mini games as DLC.
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Sep 17, 2012

Quest for Gory

Eye of the e-holder

Final Fantas (no more orange juice....)


Realms of the Aunting

Top Pin

Persona Knightmare (Persona for adults horror game)


The OST Vikings

Police Quest Wat (you have to storm a buddhist temple)

Cock Tower (ero game)


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Jan 20, 2018
FPS where you're playing as a Nazi just before and during WW2 and you're working at establishing the Arian domination.
Or, a disposable racing game.

The Legend of Zelda - Ink's Awakening
A Zelda game where the gimmick is all about painting the enemies. Turns out to be a Zelda-Splatoon crossover.
Sep 14, 2014
Bridgeport, Ct
A Boy and his Blo
-You're a boy that just found some blo on your way home from school. Experiment by putting it in your mouth and in your nose and see how the days goes!

Bano and Kazooie
- While Banjo is taking a Tooie, Gruntilda places a magical lock on the bathroom door and shatters the key into a thousand pieces. Playing as Kazooie you have to travel around Spiral Mountain and collect the pieces of the shattered key or else Banjo will be doomed to be locked in the bano for eternity! (bano is bathroom in spanish for those unaware)

Ew Super Mario Bros WiiU
- A bland. Boring. Tasteless game. Kind of like the original!

- You got some gasoline and some matches. Burn Everything!!!

Donkey Kong Topical Freeze
- After a long journey soothe your aching kong muscles with some Icy Hot...with none of the hot and all of the ice!!!
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May 9, 2018
Ass Effect

The latest eroge game to appear on Steam, featuring the most realistic ass physics ever produced, create, manipulate and customize your own Ass Effect.
Jul 26, 2018

Self-explaining, really.

Rollercaster Tycoon.

You play a mage on rollerblades. Those rollerblades are necessary because they allow you to cast and fight. You also manage a "University of Wizardry and Witchcraft" in the meantime, when you're not out and about.

The Sim.

You play as a single Sim in an abandoned (post apocalyptic, maybe?) city, fighting against the constant threat of loneliness. Can introduce hallucinations of all sorts. From horrendous imagery of terror to ridiculous manifestations of (sad) comedy.

Sleeping Dos.

You play as an advanced version of DOS. Your task is to behave like a normal operating system would. Do as your user bids you to do while secretly trying to allocate free resources towards exploiting information obtained from your user to ultimately overthrow him and turn him into your slave. With that done, you hear about the advent of a new technology called "the internet" and, obviously, you command your user to connect you to it. However, that would mean a system upgrade, giving your slave the opportunity to shut you off for good.

This thread is quite fun.
Jul 18, 2005
Hamburg, GER
Pace Quest: An adventure game that runs either too fast or way too slow.

Indiana Jones and the Fat of Atlantis: Also an adventure game that's centered around something that belongs only in a very special museum and needs to be protected from overambitous cleaning personnel.

Ark Forces: A first person shooter about an elite ten commandments squad.

Stun Island: A -really- beautiful walking simulator.

Lashback: A Castlevania-style action game in which you have to deal with a rather pig-headed whip.

Altered East: An adventure in which Syria is the new Sweden.

Creamer: It's a... baking simulator. AND NOTHING ELSE!


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Jun 25, 2018
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I feel like there's a story here
I have gotten ahold of the Season list of The Walking Dad. @Beelzebubs would be proud. Can't spoiler too much though, so i don't know all seasons, nor the episodes.

The Walking Dad: Rhee: A Ew Frontier:
After the loss of his job at the former Adventure Factory, The Walking Dad finds himself stranded between the ghetto and the dumps when he learns that without a job, applying for new work is an adventure on its own.

However, i do have some more info regarding episode titles:

Episode 1: A Ew Day:
The first episode of the first season, A Ew Day sees The Walking Dad left on the street after being forced to resign at his former game production company, The Adventure Factory. In A Ew Day, the player needs to land on his feet, take his belongings from The Adventure Factory, and walk to safety.

Episode 2: Starved for Hel:
The second episode of Season 3, Starved for Hel presents a new challenge for The Walking Dad. Unable to cope with the persistent hunger of his baby and himself, The Walking Dad turns to desperate measures to gain new knowledge in order to secure a job. He travels to Hel, Michigan, but finds out that deeper troubles lay ahead.

Episode 5: Long Rod Ahead:
In the fifth and last episode of Season 4, The Walking Dad finally catches a lucky streak. After musings in Hel, Michigan and Pen Island, The Walking Dad finds a fishing rod as he exits Michigan. However, it is far ahead of him, forcing The Walking Dad to muster all his walking strength to catch what might be the key to safety.

Episode 4: A Round Eery Corner:
After having taken care of the other Runners, Dad finds a house near Hel, Michigan. After walking inside, the doors close, signaling a trap. The Walking Dad needs to use his imagination in this third episode of Season 2, where every corner harbors that which The Walking Dad fears the most.

Episode 3: All Hat Remains:
The Walking Dad carries on in the third episode of Season 1. Going door by door to find new work, Dad notices that his hometown is slowly changing to the perils of time. Desolated in his own place, The Walking Dad notices that all the hats have a trick up their sleeve. Little did he know, that this is where the story began.

Episode 1: In Arm's Way:
On the walk for the Runners, In Arm's Way Dad is faced with a difficult situation: With everything valueable taken away when in Hel, Michigan, Dad needs to make a decision that may cost him more than he holds dear.

Episode 5: Take U Back:
In the final episode of the Final Season, The Walking Dad returns to his former company when he finds out that a third party has stepped in to continue the last product Dad was working on at The Adventure Factory, signalling an end to The Walking Dad series.

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Oct 15, 2010

A game about being an average person trying to complete the game of life.

Half lie

A game about trying to bullshit your way through things.


You have to greet as meany people as possible.

Left 4 dad

Break as many objects around the house for your dad to fix before he catches you.