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Report: Meta Actively Testing PC VR Cloud Gaming for Quest (Rejoice quest users) (RoadtoVR)

Cloud streaming works amazing on GeForce Now. The 3080 Tier has lower input latency than consoles. You just need powerful enough hardware on the server side to generate high frame rate output.

Local wireless play has been great since the 120Hz update early last year.

Cloud VR can work, but it would require powerful hardware. IIRC ShadowPC and PlutoVR are running something around a 2060 Super. I've done a couple videos on cloud VR. There's one posted right on this page.
That's the problem. 15 years ago some sick company would have pushed the envelope, but I don't trust a single one of these money grabbing cunts in the industry to take a hit on profit.

A 'crysis' moment for VR would be awesome. It won't happen though
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