Resident Evil 4: Chainsaw Demo will be available today for download (No Time Limit)


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The only thing worth in that awful stream.

Ready when they are. Because...still nothing here.


Don't know friend but it looks...not good.

Gonna give it a try without the RT set to on.

PS: the RE REALLY getting long in the tooth, the level of detail / poly count is just not there/ doesn't cut it anymore

I'm so excited for RE4 it doesn't even matter that much. PC impressions seem more favorable - RT + everything @ 90+ fps. I am curious to see how my modest PC compares to the PS5 here. Even if it is much worse on the PS5 I'll still be all over the VR version whenever it's out.

The key is to use performance mode with nothing else, or just not use it. But I need the 60fps so I'll deal with low res, not sure I need the RT if it makes it look much blurrier.


Is it out yet?

I see the banner on PS Store but once I click it, it only takes me to buy the game, no demo to download at all.


Really enjoying it. reminds me so much of the demo disc i got when i ordered it on the gamecube. brought back the same state of urgency when the village bit kicked off.
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