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Resident Evil 4 Review thread

Hey when the little kitchen knives break they disappear. Will that also happen to Leon's army knife if it breaks, or will it stay in his inventory so you can repair it later?


Thanks Amazon, you ruined today and the weekend for 5 people. Assholes havent shipped my order (I ordered for me and my dudes)


Enjoy the Game
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Paid 50€ for each (PS4) Upgrade to PS5 is 4 free
It's better to get games from local store that sells just games, consoles and that kind of stuff if you choose to go physical. They understand more that if someone pre-ordered the game they expect it to be delivered on a release date(usually before the weekend starts). Amazon just has tons of other shipments and they don't give a flying duck, to them it's just another delayed order. It might be 5-10 eu/usd more expensive but missing whole weekend would be a bigger loss to me.


OMG, the game is so good. I dont know if they changed all the scenarios (i dont remember how it was on the original), but everything looks like its new. Its like playing a new game.
In terms of performance, its the best I've seen in years. Playing on ultra and fps stays at 70-90 with zero stutter. (4070ti)
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They already turned that dude into a grandma, do you want to cut the only iconic thing he has left?

Personally never liked that part, even in the OG. I defo wont miss it if they removed it, and will still live with it if its still in there. :)

- Boltcaster isn't very good and with bolts it takes up a lot of space. Mine attachment is powerful but again, that's even *more* space used for one gun.

- Combat knife can be repaired infinitely for cheap, fully upgrade it ASAP and visit the merchant often to repair.

- case that grants more gold >>>> everything else so far

- hold on to treasure until you have more expensive gems to slot to optimize selling price, sell all the other regular treasure that can't be slotted

- wolf 💯

- there is a charm that grants 100% healing from black bass, will be useful on harder difficulties

Chapter 4 was a highlight for sure, 2 boss battles and lake exploration ftw 👌


Played the first 2 chapters on ps5

Resolution mode rt off , ld off , ca off on hair off on a VRR tv

IQ looks fine for the most part , haptics are great , the game feels familiar but new at the same time ,, areas altered or expanded in someways make it fresh again

No performance issues so far

No complains yet really
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Anyone trying this on the Steam Deck ? Trying to decide which version. Deck or Xbox ? Xbox will look better but I like the portable aspect of the Deck. Also where's the OT for the game ?
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Played the first couple of hours on Hardcore and fuck me this is harder than I expected, I didn't expect bulky enemies or Las Plasgas head bursters yet!

Still game looks and feels great on PS5


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
FYI the DLC store for the game is now live.

So if you don't have the Deluxe edition, you can buy all the content that comes with it as a package or piece meal.


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So! Capcom how about making a statement about the controls on the Xbox and PC version? At least give us some friggin' hope!


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The game is good people.
Rt is shit since it crashes my game because of memory leak. Without it all max settings. Turn that shit off



From what I've played of this remake, I have no interest in playing the game in that video. Why would I?

. . .only positive that I can say about that video is that it confirms you aren't just outside all the time and the campiness is 100% intended.


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I’m actually glad this isn’t a 1:1 remake. The original is the best game ever made, imo. This feels like someone’s “serious mood” interpretation of it. It’s lacking 90% of the charm the original one had.


It is a great game so far, the formula is a winner. I double dipped the chip on Series X and PS5 to go through on both lol. Even took the day off work for it(and running errands). For me the RE recipe is among my favorites in game design. I wish Capcom would do a new game in the RE2make and 4 style. Having recently gone through the OG 4 its neat seeing all the differences and expanded elements. They did some work on this, I commend them.

Here's hoping the new Street Fighter and Dragon's Dogma keep up the quality releases by them!


Goddamn this game is a fucking dandy. I'm 2 hours in and it's absolutely one of the best Resident Evil's so far. Playing on Hardcore and it's definitely one of the tougher ones too.

Btw no OT thread?


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
Anyone else want to take lead and make the digital foundry review topic? I'm on the road right now and will be unavailable for a while.
So! Capcom how about making a statement about the controls on the Xbox and PC version? At least give us some friggin' hope!

They WILL fix it for the XSX, just like they did with RE8 which had a square/box aiming zone (in the demo, final game had this fixed, I actually finished it on the XSX).

What they will not fix IMO is the blurry PS5 IQ since they'll actually have to put some work in it and that's a friggin' bummer (and if they do fix it, it'll probably take some time).

Like many others have already mentioned, there's no excuse for such terrible IQ in 2023, I don't care if it's the reconstruction method they're using or what have you, it's simply and utterly inexcusable...
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Anyone try this on XSX yet and able to see if the aiming issues have been addressed that were in the demo? I am on the fence on which platform to buy this for.
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