Resident Evil 6 trailer (Full campaign co-op) [Oct 2, Length, No Wii U for now, more]


  • Wesker Jr's real name is Jake Muller
  • Each playable character has a different gameplay focus
    [*]Leon = RE4, Chris = RE5, Muller = "something new"​
  • New enemies are a result of the C-Virus
  • A "totally new control scheme" has been employed
  • North America, China and Eastern Europe are locations in the game
  • Solo and co-op, both online and offline.
  • Zombies return.
  • The J'avo take damage based on where you shoot them.
    [*]Damage a part enough without destroying, that part mutates, becomes more powerful​
  • The C-Virus can make enemies undergo "Chrysalide", which "take the mutation process even further as they can undergo a full metamorphosis; spawning a whole host of horrific creatures"
  • Mercenaries Mode will return
  • Shooting while moving, sliding, rolling, cover and enhanced melee attacks are in
  • Demo included with Dragon's Dogma hits July 3rd for XBox, Sept 4 for PS3.
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"Unfortunately, RE6 will not be available at this time on the Wii U," Kobayashi told us. "Right now we're concentrating on the PlayStation 3 version, 360 version and the PC version of the game."

Wait what? The game's coming out in October now?

Albert Wesker's son? This is a weak route to take given Alex Wesker would have been a far superior option...

C Virus?




Two copies sold? That's not a bomb guys, stop trolling!!!
Coming in October because October is when WiiU releases, and this is one of launch games? I don't know...
Seems to have too much action parts and the horror seems non-existent. I was more impressed with the first trailer, but I'll wait and see how it turns out.


Jealous Bastard
if they manage to make this seem more like a series of loosely connected resident evil story vignettes, i will be very impressed. that seems like a pretty complicated story with a lot of key players.
I rolled eyes @ "Wesker Jr.", but glad to see that's Sherry. It's about time she came back after being in hiatus. Did Wesker have her all this time (according to Wesker's Report)?
Thanks for sharing that. I must say, Capcom can definitely make some decent cutscenes, but man, this game has no sense of horror at all from the looks of things. I guess that's expected and, it looks like it will be fun, but yeah, I dunno. I like the trailer clearing up some of the mysteries surrounding who's who. The surprise at the end is nice, too.

I guess I'm just eating up the Capcom nonsense. CODify me Cap'n!
Looking pretty good. I don't really expect any horror elements anymore, especially after their statement about RE needing to be more action-y.

Curious about the two dates.
A trailer focusing on the bad cutscenes, convoluted lore and terrible dialogue doesn't really sell me.

At least the last trailer had some cool gameplay clips in there. This has all of the worst aspects of Resident Evil rolled in to one.
Nice story trailer, no gameplay though.

1. Hopefully that's not Ada, she looks bad and basic, not fierceless at all.
2. Leon looks like a 45yo, can we please get the RE4 design back?
3. Wesker Jr :lol