Resident Evil 6 trailer (Full campaign co-op) [Oct 2, Length, No Wii U for now, more]

I wonder who is Wesker Jr.'s mother.

And it's interesting that this time Ada is a pure villain. Right until now she was always staying somewhere between the dark side and the light side, but this time we see her infecting Chris' men. It will be a tough mission for Leon.
Looks incredible. They've been working on this for years now so an October release date isn't too unbelievable.

Still unsure about the non horror sections but as long as they're on par with RE4 and as far away from the shittiness of 5 as possible I'll be happy.
For what it's worth, I think Resident Evil 6 is going to be a tremendously more rewarding experience than Resident Evil 5 was. At least this time they're going to give us a combination of genres, survival horror and action.
That's really Ada? Hmmm...

Wesker Jr.? This is as random as when Vergil impregnated some random hooker that later gave birth to Nero lawl.

Anyway, it's a good trailer.
As much as I still don't like everyone's new character models, this was a great trailer; it really makes me want to play the game. Too bad the gameplay might keep me away.
Awesome trailer.

Did Chris and Leon ever met personally before in the other games? Can't really remember, and I'm hoping we get a female lead on RE7.

I can already see it: Jill vs Claire. :D