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Resident Evil Reboot Film cast announced


Capcom producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi just twitted.

Written and Directed by Johannes Roberts


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Fantastik Tuna
I'd love to see something more horror based than what those movies turned out to be tbh.

Resident Evil movie franchise was always like a poor man's Underworld movie franchise
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What did they do to Leon and Jill?

The rest seem like budget actors.

And how are they going to mix RE1 and RE2. RE3 going bye bye?
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Kaya Scodelario (Maze Runner) = Claire

Hannah John-Kamen (Ant-Man and the Wasp) = Jill

Robbie Amell (Upload) = Chris

Tom Hopper (The Umbrella Academy) = Wesker

Avan Jogia (Zombieland: Double Tap) = Leon

Neal McDonough (Yellowstone) = William Birkin

Leon man, what have they done to you!!!


Kaya :messenger_smiling_hearts:

These movies always sucked but they were always a great excuse to see Milla Jovovich in action, always a good thing.


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I’m not angry at the cast decision, they’re trying the resident evil thing again 🤷‍♂️


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Have they revealed anything about the plot?

Its the 1998 Racoon City outbreak which is why Birkin is cast. So a mishmash of RE1 and RE2. Leon is no longer a cop but a full blown agent. Everyone else has the same backstory.


Its the 1998 Racoon City outbreak which is why Birkin is cast. So a mishmash of RE1 and RE2. Leon is no longer a cop but a full blown agent. Everyone else has the same backstory.

Returning back to 1998 and throwing away the character Alice, is a neat idea. The year 1998 is the seminal year for Biohazard's plot/lore/world . Great Biohazard games have gravitated around the events of 1998 and Raccoon City. Thus getting rid of Alice is quite appealing, for one, and afterwards let the true Biohazard/RE characters shine in this reboot.

"With this movie, I really wanted to go back to the original first two games and re-create the terrifying visceral experience I had when I first played them whilst at the same time telling a grounded human story about a small dying American town that feels both relatable and relevant to today’s audiences, said Roberts, the filmmaker behind shark thriller 47 Meters Down and its sequel.

Franchise producer Robert Kulzer will produce again on behalf of Constantin with James Harris from Tea Shop Productions and Hartley Gorenstein.

Said Kulzer, “After a dozen games, six live-action movies and hundreds of pages of fan fiction, we felt compelled to return to the year 1998, to explore the secrets hidden in the walls of the Spenser Mansion and Raccoon City."



I'm not that interested after the Anderson films. The director doesn't make me excited either, the 47 Metre films aren't that great.


That's a pretty good cast. They don't look the parts though, but it doesn't matter as this is going to be a B movie after all and no one is taking this serious.
Will be shit anyway. Is that the shirtless mofu from Babysitter? Love that guy, haha. Also Tom Hopper is cool but this movie will still be a flop.


Trash casting.

The people in charge of production probably have only fleeting familiarity with the franchise and characters, pass.

Cutty Flam

I don't know those actors or their work, but at least they all look like superstars. I'll keep tabs on this film, it might be worth watching

Nothing can be worse than the films with Alice. Watched 20-30 minutes of Resident Evil: Extinction and had to turn that mess off. Not sure what the director or the rest involved with the film were thinking...


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Don't care for the Leon and Jill picks.
I will still check it out come release time.
Chris looks like a Chris.
Wesker works. A b tier cast, as expected. So expecting a RE experience, bring it on.


Honestly I don't even know what to feel. Seems like a terrible casting but I also feel that it could work. Lol!


I love Resident Evil. Mostly the first three Playstation 1 games and I would say the first two movies are kind of a guilty pleasure to me even though it is hard to see them as objectively good.

Will give this reboot a fair shot, but as with most video game movies it is hard to have faith in a quality outcome. I see no problems with the actors even though they wouldn't be my first choice (rarely ever are with movies).


Can you call it a reboot when it seems to be closer to the games than the previous movie series? Reboots usually have something linking them to the original, but outside of name, it feels like it's aiming to be the games.

Also, the actor for Leon looks too close to his Resident Evil 6 design, and that was the worst Leon design. His RE4 design was perfect, not sure why Capcom keeps changing it.
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