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Resident Evil Village: Village Demo Gameplay (PS5)

First Person in a RE game looks and feels so unnatural :(
very true , all i do is not think this is a Re game..Resident evil is over since code Veronica , i but Re2 and 3 remake does feel like a Re game, but my point is go in this game not thinking it's a re game and i'm sure you'll love it


Castle Demo starting within the next 30 minutes. I'm going to try and be a bit more direct with the gameplay and actually see if I can finish it within the time given.

Golgo 13

The Man With The Golden Dong
Do we only get 1 crack at this or is it going to be multiple ? Capcom is annoying me with their demos lately.
1 30-minute attempt.... That's it. Then it's disabled. You can sign on with a dummy account if you want to play it again - that's what I did with the last demo, but I agree that it's annoying.
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Really Capcom 2021 and an unkillable bullet sponge enemy that stalks you? Yea you can stun her with a ton of bullets or whatever but that gimmick was dumb last game, if that’s the best mechanic they have, the maybe it’s time for RE to die.

I got to the end but that fly bitch was dumb, then I read that tall lady chases you, no thanks I disliked that gimmick in 7 not about to drop $90(CND after tax) on another lazy chase sequence extravaganza.
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Aw man ran out of time in the underground prison. At least I got to blow up all the Lycans with a pipe bomb.
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The second demo definitely looked better graphically on my C9 and felt better controls wise. I died the first time not knowing where to go when getting attacked by one of the daughters. Second playthrough completed around 8.5 minutes.

Astral Dog

Castle demo🏰is amazing i couldn't believe how much better RE8 looks compared to 7(on the same systems).

Art style is insane REhorror is back 🧟‍♂️

Hage Kamo

PC Ultra setting
I finally finished the Maiden demo and wow the art design of the mansion was so cool. The whole thing was pretty neat!

These demos are really a good idea. Now I’m thinking of picking this up.
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