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Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City First Trailer

Man, that looked terrible. Absolutely awful. I can't say I'm surprised though. I knew it was going to suck the second they revealed their casting choices. Man, I was so excited when they first announced that a new Resident Evil movie without Paul W. Anderson was being made. A clean slate! I got my hopes up for nothing. They managed to make this look even worse than the original movies. So sad...


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99 percent of netflix produced content is cheap ugly shit. This will be no different. Bebop will probably be just as bad.

This isn't related to Netflix, I know it gets confusing with multiple projectss happening.

Personally I think this looks cool and like that it's sticking closer to the games premise. Yeah the CGI isn't the best but this is what happens when you work with a lower budget and I don't think actual animatronics would make it any better. I haven't seen any of the directors other films but at a minimum surely it will be better than anything Paul Anderson can pump out. At least the zobies look like actual zombies. YAY
This looks like it'll be great, stupid, dumbass fun with RE fans over drinks. I'm actually kinda pumped to laugh along in this shitty LARPing B-movie, especially after the nothing snoozefest that was Infinite Darkness.

Jill and Leon had some bad casting though.
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Am I nuts? I’m a huge video game movie hater. I think every one of them are awful. But this…looks decent to me? Did I wake up on the right side of the bed or something?

At least it looks like it’s made by someone with clear affection for the games. I mean all the scenes, characters and locations are here. Hell of a lot better than those shitty 7 or whatever movies with Mila.
My thoughts exactly. Reading the comments I felt something is wrong with me, but at least I’m not alone😄


That looks like one of those fan-made films, the very nice ones... The CGI is absolutely atrocious tho and the costumes are very cosplay-like. Hopefully it doesn't take itself seriously, as it can be a good time if it's corny enough (kinda like the first games tbh).

Will still watch it.


looks like its been shot with an iphone, could be alright but from that trailer i have no confidence for it
I watched the trailer and thought this is shit. What the fuck is that CGI?! Why the fuck did they pick that song? And mostly where the hell is Jill??

Then I realised that Jill is the African actress and I actually laughed so hard I spat out some food.



Imagine if Danny Boyle were directing it. We could have had something as good as this:

Actually, wait.. had an epiphany. That trailer actually makes it look a bit crap but the actual movie was good.............. which means there is still hope for Resident EVIL WTRC
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Looks cheap but fun. I give props for the direct referencing of stuff from the first game because it at least shows some understanding of the franchise.

Also. Lets not be snobby about this, RE was originally pretty campy and B-movie like. I don't think its a property that deserves too much pearl-clutching.


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Whoever casted this movie seems to have decided to make a game out of selecting the absolute worst possible candidates in Hollywood.


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After watching it a second time I realize now that this trailer actually feels more classic Resident Evil than any Resident Evil game that came out after the original trilogy.

Now come at me suckers!
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So to people going "oh finally there sticking to the source material"

Did you watch the trailer? There essentially ignoring the mansion arc of RE1 so that they can start in RE2 and then work backwards and insert those characters into the mansion.

This means no Barry, what's the point of the series then?


So to people going "oh finally there sticking to the source material"

Did you watch the trailer? There essentially ignoring the mansion arc of RE1 so that they can start in RE2 and then work backwards and insert those characters into the mansion.

This means no Barry, what's the point of the series then?

Better no Barry (in comparison) than having a Barry who is a goon of Wesker and dies after having zero characterization AKA the bullshit of the prior film series. Hell, I see people bitching about Leon, are we forgetting the prior films had Leon also be a goon of Wesker (that’s like if the MCU had Tony join Thanos’ side, like WTF) and his only characterization was creepily putting his hand on Ada’s leg and she removes it. RIVETING. If the new Leon has even half-decent interaction with Claire, it’s already light years above the prior shit regardless if he’s a white boy or not.

I’m not saying this new film is nailing it (although changing the order of events isn’t necessarily bad) but the prior film series was so awful on an insane scale that the new film missing key players is STILL the less painful alternative. Seriously, it would be like complaining a ton about the restaurant giving you a plain burger instead of one with the works on it when the last time you went you got no food and the waiters and waitresses all knocked you down and kicked your ass.

Let me make this perfectly clear: I detest the prior film series. The only film that’s merely meh is the first one and that’s because it was just its own bullshit. The following films are so bad that the only reason I don’t consider them the worst video game movies of all time* is because Silent Hill Revelations which is my personal most hated movie OF ALL TIME. So congrats, RE movies 2-7, you managed to at least not be the ACTUAL worst, but just one step behind. Well done.
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*there is MK Annihilation, but I’m not super into the MK so it was merely an awful film to me. The Mario movie is an entertaining mess, and the Street Fighter movie is really close in awfulness but I give the edge to RE movies.


So to people going "oh finally there sticking to the source material"

Did you watch the trailer? There essentially ignoring the mansion arc of RE1 so that they can start in RE2 and then work backwards and insert those characters into the mansion.

This means no Barry, what's the point of the series then?
Honestly it annoys me even more so to see them obviously paying attention to source material, but then still make it off. I'd rather them go ALL in on source material, or not at all. Not some weird middle ground where it's ALMOST there, but not quite.

Just the idea of merging RE1 and RE2's stories into one film already sounds like a messy paced and convoluted mess. I'm curious how they'll actually approach that, because there's so much there. It's almost like there won't be any potential build up or anything. It just drops you right in it and doesn't stop moving. I can't but already feel like it's gonna be one of those films that tries to pack too much into too little.

May still be entertaining for all the wrong reasons, lol.


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This honestly looks like it was made by a very passionate fan held back by a shoestring budget, so I'm not gonna slam the quality of that trailer.


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Holy shit. I thought this was coming to NETFLIX. This is an actual theatrical release. Hooboy. Any lenience I had went out the window - this is really bad. Like, they clearly didn't have the budget for better VFX/CGI but they couldn't even afford a scrunchie for CLAIRE?

. . .also why try and find actors that look like their videogame counterparts (. . .ish) but then you just throw that completely out the window for LEON? I don't think LEON has to be "hawhite" but the actor they have got has NOTHING in common with LSK. It's just jarring when they've tried to hew close to source material for everything else.
That trailer really didn't do a good job of hyping this up for me. I'll still check it out because I usually enjoy Kaya Scodelario as an actress.


I'll reserve further judgment till I see the movie but from the looks of things it seems Leon won't have the presence he does in the games. Don't have anything against the race swap but at least in RE 2 Leon and Claire felt like equals. Claire seems like she's going to be the Ripley of the movie but at the cost of Leon looking like a supporting character at best.

The rest doesn't exactly look promising but we'll see.

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It looks better than what Paul put out. Sure it's not perfect but it traverses on the games. Paul Anderson was not based on games at all but a rip off away from the games story, like it was based on the story but other ways of telling it. Where as this is actually based on the games. I'm in for sure!


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The biggest thing after a few views that I dislike (barring that Licker/G thing) is the fact that the zombies look...bad. I know RE wasn't initially in a setting that had very much opportunity for "risen dead," body horror type zombies, but what they DID utilize were properly fucked up, bloodied, cadaver looking zombies. This movie seems to take the "zombification through viral means," thing VERY literally, and we're getting normal looking pale dudes with red contacts. Red eyes are the LEAST visually arresting or frightening thing I can think of in post-28 Days Later horror cinema cliché.

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On the brightside, if this movie sucks there's always Overlord from a few years back.

That movie might as well be a Resident Evil film. Definitely check it out if you've never seen it and are a fan of RE, it's awesome.



Actually re-watching it, the alternative trailer is much better. Makes the film look kinda promising.

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