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Resistance: Chimera Collection could be announced at the upcoming PlayStation Event


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man, came in excited, but no multiplayer and no 3,
fall of man's splitscreen was great, and 2 co-op stuff was great, then 3 had the single player,
hopefully it is wrong and it will be all 3 with multiplayer, (plus retribution, wouldn't complain about burning sky either, but it's unspectacular)


Really doubt that but I would cheer. I was sitting here thinking a little while ago. Resistance, siphon filter, something big from the past.
Im on a roll.

Resistance 3 with Multiplayer if the release sells. I think youre all crazy if they remake the games like Demon Souls, and yall expect all 3 AND multiplayer. Im assuming BluePoint games?


I still have a sealed copy of Resistance 3, the steelbook version.
Never got around to playing it on my PS3, I'll have to hook up the system and give it a play through.

I'd love it if Insomniac Games or a partner remastered or remade the games for the PS5.
Like many others here I doubt this wouldn't be a trilogy, all three games should be remade for PS5, including the Multiplayer, but at least a collection of all three single player campaigns would be what a proper fanservice of those that love this series should get IMO.
Unless Sony wants to release the games quickly, while patching the third game in as an addition later because development resources are limited and it wouldn't be ready at launch.
Seems suspect though.


This would be cool if true. R:FOM is very underrated and I'd def replay it. Never played 2 or 3 though. I started 3 but it was too brown for me lol.


No multiplayer is a big disappointment if the rumor is true, but i would love to replay resistance again with all the upgrades that current hardware can provide.


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R3 is my least favourite game in the trilogy so I'm good with just the first two games. I'm assuming no mp means no Spec Ops mode in R2, shame, it's one of the best co-op gaming experiences I've had to this day.
Why not entire trilogy, especially that the 3rd one is unarguably the best in the series, and has one of the best SP campaign in FPS genre in years?
I played 3 this year and it´s crazy to see how good PS3 went. This one and Infamous 2 should be play by every Sony fans.


Really hope this is true, mentioned it in the other thread. Killzone as well would be awesome.


I just find this very odd that they decide not to include 3 surely it would require the least amount of work?

That's my take on it - Resistance 3 was so far above Resistance 1+2 in terms of its graphics and visual quality, it could pretty much pass as a PS4 title. So maybe it's not specifically mentioned because it's not getting remade but just resolution/fps increases.
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