Resogun DLC coming in June

Great game if you havent tried it, if not Please help to save the last Humans! (Dont toss your controller)

A Hint at the DLC (they posted last month)

I platinum'd this game, it's so much fun. I hope they add local co op too, but I won't be heartbroken if they don't. Give me more 1080p/60FPS goodness please.
I love Resogun but I feel I have exhausted the current content, or at least enough that I don't feel the need to play it more than every other week (maybe). So new content is a godsend, I can't wait.
I ready to give my money!

And hope they use it to start crafting a project Morpheus version. As the universe this hints at, I could see as a arcade action VR game.... If such a thing will exist?