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Opinion Game Dev Respawn is Too Busy to Work on Titanfall 3


Sep 29, 2020
Eva Green Drama GIF by STARZ

I just didn't think your juxtaposition of a take was accurate. Story is good, gameplay and mechanics are amazing. An 89 critic score and an 8.5 user score seems spot on, and not overrated.


Aug 13, 2015
São Paulo, Brazil
...and getting paid well, and having job security, and having a verified legion of satisfied fans on all major platforms interested in every micro-release and player adjustment you make, every season, for 2+ years and no sign of slowing, while investment in that success flows into the potential for new products on other massive franchises like Star Wars where your team's brand is front-and-center on the box alongside EA and Lucasfilm as a bonafide reason consumers should put money down for a possible next product, yet with or without a future product your MTX-ridden GaaS is an attraction at esports events and broadcasting at all times of the day on game streams for tourneys and new content in a seaming neverending lifespan of the product?

Yeah, fuckin' sucks!
For the wage man, it does. All I've seen you write is perks for the owners.

Keep hitting that lever, you'll win it big eventually too.


May 31, 2020
Todo busy doing what?.

"Respawn has obviously driven the amazing development of Apex, but they've partnered with us extremely well to drive what is now -- it's coming up to almost $2 billion in business over 2 years. That's unheard of in our industry." -
EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen
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