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Retro-Bit releasing offficially licensed "BIG6" 6-button controller for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and modern systems

Agent X

Retro-Bit has already produced officially licensed reproductions of the Sega Genesis 6-Button Arcade Pad and the Sega Saturn controller for the original systems, as well as USB and wireless variations for modern platforms. Now, they have announced a new controller called BIG6, which blends design aspects of the original 3-button Genesis controller along with the button layout of the 6-Button Arcade Pad.

There are three versions of the BIG6 controller being developed:
  • A version with a cable that plugs into the original Sega Genesis and Mega Drive systems will be available in October for $16.99.
  • A version with a wired USB cable for use with modern platforms (PC, Mac, Switch, Sega Genesis Mini) will also be available in October for $19.99.
  • A wireless version will be released in November for $34.99. The package will include two receivers: one that connects to Genesis/Mega Drive, and another that connects to modern platforms using USB.

The BIG6 for Genesis and Mega Drive has the general form factor of the original 3-button controller, but with the additional buttons X, Y, Z, and Mode) from the 6-Button Arcade Pad. The Start button was moved above the 6-button layout and made more flush so that only intended inputs would register, to avoid accidental pausing. The USB and wireless versions will also have a similar left-side shoulder button, as well as Home and Select buttons beneath the controller to keep the clean and sleek design.

More information can be found at the official site:




That thing is actually pretty sick.

Finally something more in line with the official wireless 6 buttons, and not those shitty mini controllers everything is based on these days.


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Hopefully this one is better.

I bought the other sega gamepads from retro-bit before.
Apart from the face buttons those were really subpar. I compared them to my old original controllers.
The d-pads and shoulder buttons, especially the shoulder buttons on the saturn gamepad, are awful on those replicas. Not at all like the originals.



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8bitdo makes much better controllers than retro-bit in general.
And... We're done here. Thread can be closed

Seriously, after buying controllers from both 8bitdo and retro-bit, I won't touch another controller from retro-bit for the foreseeable future. They need to seriously up their game before I buy another controller from them. I still wish them success though, we need more people out there making retro controllers.
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