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Retro Studio hasn't released a game since 2014 (DKC Tropical Freeze). What have they been doing for all this time? (Prime 4 only went to them in 2019)


I would say a lot of concelled projects that never got off the ground.
They'll come to light eventually I'm sure through leaks.


Close the Studio that's developing Metroid Prime 4?

Great post.

Maybe Nintendo should cancel Dread and Oled while they're at it.

BOTW 2 as well.

They should have been shuttered well before Prime 4, but given their industry worst track record of selling Nintendo on flashy prototypes they habitually fail to flesh out into full games, it will be nothing short of a miracle if a Prime 4 is ever shown at all, nevermind releases. Luckily Nintendo has plenty of fools buying dozens of broken $80 controllers and $100 price hikes on half decade old hardware to fund Twitter BBQ memes for another 10 years. And yes BotW2 is an embarrassment in its own right, 5+ years for a recycled asset expansion pack.
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They'll reveal their next game when everyone gets over their disappointing Donkey Kong games.
What? those 2 games are among the best 2D platformers on the market, Returns sold close to 10 million, and Tropical Freeze around 5. They were important and successful games for both Retro and Nintendo.
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