Retro Studios Hires Uncharted 3, Darksiders Artists. Crunch Time "This Year"

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Originally posted by Tovarisch in a Sony thread, which made people salty.


Didn't know if it was new thread worthy...

Eric Kozlowsky

Retro Studios
Artist Level-3, July 2011 - present

Naughty Dog Inc. (
Santa Monica, California
Environment Artist March 2010- November 2010
- Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception SCEA (In development- Playstation 3)
o Environment Modeling, levels, and cinematics


examples of work:

Interesting note

Alas I am going to shelve it for a little while as I am going to work on another project that I am super excited about. I can't talk about it too much but if all goes well it might just be one of my crowning achievements as an artist....


plus Gray Ginther?
(Lead Character Artist on Darksiders)
Gray Ginther is no fucking joke! Been following his stuff for a while, he is sooo good.

for you artist types :D

Might as well add Tony Bernardin:

Level 1 Engineer
Retro Studios
Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Computer Games industry
September 2011 – Present (5 months) Austin, Texas Area

Postdoctoral Scholar
UC Davis
Educational Institution; 10,001+ employees; Higher Education industry
June 2011 – August 2011 (3 months) Davis, California

Continue work on the "Crusta" virtual globe and oversee its transition to new graduate students.

PhD student
UC Davis
Educational Institution; 10,001+ employees; Higher Education industry
2005 – May 2011 (6 years) Davis, CA

Ph.D. student in Computer Science with specialization in Data Visualization. Main developer of a virtual globe application named Crusta.

Software Engineering Intern

Electronic Arts
Public Company; 5001-10,000 employees; ERTS; Computer Games industry
July 2009 – September 2009 (3 months)

Engineer at Visceral Games, graphics and rendering development

Software Engineer
Public Company; 10,001+ employees; GOOG; Internet industry
June 2008 – September 2008 (4 months)

Google Earth client team member, developed the arbitrary quadrilateral image overlay featured in Google Earth 5

Software Engineering Intern
Sony Computer Entertainment America
Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; SNE; Entertainment industry
June 2007 – September 2007 (4 months)

Worked with the R&D team on development of the RSX tools, realtime visual profiling suite for the PS3

Tony Bernardin's description.
I'm a data visualization engineer who has been developing a highly interactive Virtual Globe over the course of my PhD. In my work I have strived to produce software that was pushing the state of the art while not neglecting practical usability. My Virtual Globe named Crusta has been actively used by Geologists at Davis and is being deployed to further collaborators in academia. The experience has given me appreciation for high-performance, real-time graphics as well as "production"-level software engineering.

real-time 3D graphics, data processing, out-of-core processing, software frameworks

Update1: Desperate Gaffers stalk Eric Kozlowsky on Twitter!

[Nintex];34162396 said:
Sounds like it's shipping this year:

Update2: Eric Kozlowsky shuts down desperate Gaffers stalking him on Twitter.

Update3: Desperate Gaffers go too far, Eric Kozlowsky deletes his Twitter to escape the stalkers.

Haha, you guys ruined one of someone's few outlets to the outside world.
D: OOPS. Probably shouldn't have posted his Twitter here on GAF, and then asked him loads of questions...
We got him thrown in the hole. No windows, and nothing but a wacom tablet, a dual monitor setup, and limited access to Nintendo's intranet.
Pretty sure we just got this game cancelled.


Van Owen

Damn, hope it's something original. Will be a big letdown if it's another Donkey Kong or something, even though the last game was good.


Cool stuff to be sure. Can't wait to see what they're working on whatever it may be.

Does anyone know who replaced the guys who left for Armature Studios (Game Director Mark Pacini especially)? I know Michael Kelbaugh is still the Pres/CEO and Bryan Walker became the Senior Development Director (fun fact, both of them are ex-Navy and Army guys)
I can't decide if I would rather see it on 3DS or Wii U. On the one hand, I already have a 3DS and it would be awesome to have a great Retro developed game on the system. On the other hand, I'd love to see what these guys could do with some high-powered (hopefully) hardware, even if I'm not sold on the system yet.

Either way I'm excited.


Is this going to be the Chrono Trigger of this generation, where the industry's top talent merges to make the ultimate dream project?



Is this going to be the Chrono Trigger of this generation, where the industry's top talent merges to make the ultimate dream project?


They'd have to compete with the Halo 4 team which is pretty much the best dream team you can think of minus Valve.

Pie and Beans

Look for me on the local news, I'll be the guy arrested for trying to burn down a Nintendo exec's house.
Something new please. Sad to just see people wanting the same characters and worlds wheeled out for another developer to muck in on when my biggest criticism of Nintendo console line-ups is an endless cycle of deja vu.


Raven Blade revived. Zelda style action-adventure with just enough grimdark that people will stop bitching.
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