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Return to Monkey Island, calm down after being insulted by a fan for your art style.

Scotty W

This style does not bother me. I would have preferred the style from the first 2 games. In the end, only the writing matters.


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Next time, Ron should use Dall-e:

Fans didn't care for the original look of Bloodstained, so the creator improved it.

Fans balked at the original design of Sonic for the film, so they corrected it.

Just saying, you know. Some people are out to please their fans. Some are like "tHIs is MY VisIOn".

Personally I am undecided. I think overall it's (new art style) definitely worse than just taking almost any of the old styles and simply improving upon them given what modern hardware is capable of. I do think the new art is pretty rough and awkward, but not complete shit.

This is one of the best points in this thread. "If you don't like it, just don't buy it" is always implied with every game release, but you should NEVER say it out loud. Either ignore the criticism and do what you wanted, or address the criticism in some way through changes, options, or an explanation. But never address the criticism in a way that suggests those who don't like what you did are wrong.

Another thing. If it's only coming from a small group, it should be easier to ignore. If it's larger than that, you may want to consider the issues that they have, because they are your audience.

I remember those early run animations for Bloodstained. It's a darn good thing they did put that out there early enough to change it, because they did an even better job, and created a better product as a result.


I'm not sure how much the art style matters, because I doubt this will be a boxed game, advertised on the shelf. Fans of Monkey Island will certainly buy it regardless.

The art does look ridiculously bad though.


90? No way. Thats awesome
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