REZ infinite now out on PC, with full VR support, 20% discount at launch (19.99).

Seems like it wasn't supposed to be official yet, but fantastic news!
Rez Infinite is glorious despite the lack of leaderboards that the XBLA version had.


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Best news. I've bout Rez more than other game ever. import Dreamcast, PS2, x360, Ps4 physical. PC is great, means it will live forever.
If it has VR support I will buy immediately.

If not, I'll skip. I've owned too many ports of Rez at this point. Needs to have VR.

seriously thought this would never happen. one of those announcements...

not to shit on psvr but i really didn't want to have to buy that thing


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Of course it'll have Oculus/Vive support. It will be beyond idiotic to not include the best method to experience this game.
Do we have actual reason to doubt it won't?
It's going to have VR, I'm sure. The only reason Dead End Thrills didn't mention that in his one tweet is because he's all about downsampling and taking rad screenshots.