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Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 Patch 1.06 fixes framepacing issues


Thought I'd make a new thread so it isn't missed.

Patch notes read:
- Improved frame rate stability
- Some minor bugfixes

Playing right now and the difference is noticeable.
I bought this when I got my Pro/TV and I haven't had time to play it.
Everything I read sounds like these guys really support this game when an issue arises. I remember a controller lag problem and this frame thing from the DF video.

Really cool of these devs to address these issues. Looking forward to finally playing it!


might have to start it this weekend after finishing FF15 last night. Good to see the devs keeping up with issues and the poster child for PRO support.


Excellent - it went from great to bloody awful after the last patch. I might go back to one of the 30fps modes now.


Thank god. Was afraid Nixxes wouldn't update the game after fucking up the framepacing with the previous patch. Based developers.
Hopefully everything works as intended now and no new downsides. Maybe John or others could check it again, someday after their vacation.

Nixxes, now help Square Enix with FF XV!


When they fixed some of the input delay issues that was when they broke the framepacing.

Any word on if input delay is still mostly fixed?


When they fixed some of the input delay issues that was when they broke the framepacing.

Any word on if input delay is still mostly fixed?

Doesn't seem to have been any noticeable tradeoff as far as I'm aware and I've been playing right before and after the patch so it would've been easier to tell.


In time for me getting this game for Christmas.

We're all pro modes effected by this or just the 4K and enriched visuals ones?
Yes, been waiting for this. Thank you, Nixxes!

This now means better AA from supersampling on my 1080p display and input latency at an acceptable level. I don't feel I have a strong enough PC to play the PC version at a level that far outstrips my PS4 option, so as far as I'm concerned, this is my definitive method for playing Rise of the Tomb Raider! Awesome. :D


Great timing, this is the game I'm going to play during Christmas while I'm home alone.

Maybe because I saw the movie on TV recently, I couldn't help thinking "How are you gonna have time to play video games, when you are supposed to be booby-trapping your house to protect yourself against Harry and Marv?!"


They didn't take anything away like Nd did they? ;)

Having a backlog is turning out to be a boon for these pro updates.

I'm waiting for more impressions before downloading 1.06. LOU:R experience still hurts me.
I am not so sensitive on the framepacing issue in ROTTR, so I have no urgency.
I wonder if digital foundry would let devs utilise their performance analysis tools. Obviously something is missing when it comes to some companies internal performance testing.


these frame pacing issues are found in which mode?

Enriched and 4k. I played every combat encounter in 60 fps and everything else in 4k and couldnt tell the difference. But this is good news nonetheless. one of the best games of the last year.


So of course it's fixed now, so where are the persons who said it would not and could not be fixed..

III-V said:
Thank you CD I have been waiting to jump back into this game! ..
CD who? Maybe you mean Compact Disc, certainly not Crystal Dynamics.........It's because of Crystal Dynamics we have inputlag-framepacing issues in this game in the first place....

I'm thinking it's a no-brainer that Square Enix's next update for FFXV later this month, will bring some graphical/performance enhancements to FFXV as well as a fix for the framepacing issues in that game.

So yes, framepacing is something that can be fixed, it's even better if you cater to eliminate it or prevent it from ever happening during the development process. RAD has much to teach other devs in that regard.
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