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Rock Band Removing Songs Due to Licenses (also makes achievement impossible to get)

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We're approaching the quarterly re licensing mark again. The Music Ops team has been hard at work and has done a kick ass job of retaining the lion's share of the content released in that time frame. Below are the tracks scheduled to be removed from the store on June 30th, 2013:

Crooked X - "Rock 'n' Roll Dream"
Die Toten Hosen - "Hier Kommt Alex"
Les Wampas - "Manu Chao"
The Material - "Moving to Seattle"
Them Terribles - "Bullets & Guns"
Tokio Hotel - "Monsoon"
Vesuvius - "Promised Land"

The track "Promised Land" by Vesuvius is a free song. The RB3 achievement / trophy Live Free or Die awards 25 G when you "Beat all of the free downloadable songs for Rock Band". Unfortunately that means that this achievement will no longer be attainable once "Promised Land" is removed from the store on June 30th


well this is gonna start happening alot more with many games especially when online servers start closing down (like EA has done for many games)
I'm really thankful that I quit caring about achievements/trophies. The situation for DLC is pretty bad, and it's fucked up that pirates might be the only ones preserving certain DLC (such as the Hurrican Pack for the original Ninja Gaiden).


Were those who bought the songs as DLC warned that this would happen?

Edit: oh, wait. It seems those who bought the songs will still have access to them, just that new players won't be able to buy them, thus preventing them from getting a trophy/achievement? It's still bad, but not nearly as bad as I initially thought.


Well, cheevo hunters who had the game now know what songs they had to download quick and those who doesn't had it now know which game to avoid

problem solved!

Still, RB is a reallyhard game to get 1000g I think, so I guess that there are not lots of hunters for this game


Hmm, still want to get Rock Band and rebuild my library for 360, and Hier Kommt Alex was a favourite of mine on Guitar Hero 3. Hopefully I can get started on this soon before the rest of the songs start disappearing.


Can't wait for the lawsuit due to emotional distress caused by the unattainability of said achievement.
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