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Rockman and Forte Wonderswan game gets fan translation


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Oct 14, 2012
za warudo

Wikipedia said:
Like other games in the Rockman series, Rockman & Forte Mirai kara no Chōsensha takes place in the year 20XX. A group of robots from the future calling themselves the "Dimensions" attacked Symphony City, a city where people and robots lived in peace. Though without any witnesses, the one leading the Dimensions with overwhelming power is a robot that appears similar to Rockman (Mega Man in the West), who calls himself "Rockman Shadow". He is said to be a dark and wicked person completely obsessed with destruction. Rockman, who hears this news at Dr. Right's (Dr. Light in the West) laboratory, ventures to the scene despite being under maintenance. At the same time, Dr. Wily sees the dark Rockman, and to ascertain the mystery he sends Forte (Bass in the West). Eventually Rockman Shadow and the Dimensions are defeated and their plans put to rest.
The game functions as a direct sequel to Rockman and Forte (Mega Man and Bass) and thus would (most likely) take place between that game and Mega Man 9, if you were to consider it canon.

Interesting that this game finally receives a translation after all of these years.


Dec 15, 2008
NW Suburbs, IL
Very cool!
I picked it up back when I lived in Japan and it's a pretty cool game!
Is there any way to play this on the actual handheld? Not sure if flash carts exist for WS..

On a random side note, one of my friends is an enormous Mega Man fan and I got him a copy of this (and a cheap WonderSwan Color to play it on) for his birthday years ago and he was shocked to learn there was a canonical (more or less) Mega Man game he'd never played, haha. :)


Aug 27, 2013
Neat but this really isn't a game that needed translation.

I really wish there was a flash cart for Wonderswan to run this kind of thing on real hardware though. I know the wonderwitch but something convenient would be nice.


Sep 16, 2008
I was always really baffled that the villain in this game is the exact same design as Quint from the gameboy games but they decided he's his own seperate character with next to no relation.

They might even point out the similarity in the game itself which is double weird!!