Rocksmith 2014 |OT| - Everything is improved, except the OT.

May 11, 2017
This game is currently available on humble bundle at a nice discount, so I was wondering if it is really worth it as a total beginner to pick up and actually learn to play guitar with it.

I have bought an electric guitar years ago, but was to lazy and never actually started learning. But would be interested and probably more motivated doing it through this game, so if anyone who picked this game up years ago or recently can help me with the decision, then I would be really thankfull. :)
Yes mate, yes. This is so well supported that you WILL find songs you like and have always wanted to play, and there is no feeling quite like playing a riff you've heard on the radio or in your car hundreds of times in real life.

Nailing a solo too!!
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Mar 20, 2017
There is the 2014 remastered version for sale on psn for 12$ currently which I am probably will be going for. Sucks that the cable costs more than the game itself.