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Rocksmith 2014 |OT| - Everything is improved, except the OT.

P.O.D. – $7.99

* P.O.D. “Alive”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [Drop C] –
* P.O.D. “Boom”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [D Standard] –
* P.O.D. “Youth of the Nation”|Lead/Bass [Drop C] –

Who will you vote for the best Rocksmith DLC of 2018? Queen The Rolling Stones or Metal Mix (Morbid Angel, Darkthrone, and Testament)

Classic Melody Pack – $2.99 (NO SINGLES)

* The Notetrackers “Amazing Grace”|Lead/Alt. Lead/Rhythm/Alt. Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –
* The Notetrackers “Frère Jacques”|Lead/Alt. Lead/Rhythm/Alt. Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –
* The Notetrackers “When The Saints Go Marching In”|Lead/Alt. Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –

5 Seconds of Summer – $7.99

* 5 Seconds of Summer “Amnesia”|Lead/Rhythm [DADGAD] | Bass [E Standard] –
* 5 Seconds of Summer “She Looks So Perfect”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –
* 5 Seconds of Summer “She’s Kinda Hot”|Lead/Alt. Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –

Trivium II – $7.99

* Trivium “A Gunshot To The Head of Trepidation”|Lead/Alt. Lead/Rhythm/Alt. Rhythm/Bass [Drop D] –
* Trivium “Dying In Your Arms”|Lead/Alt. Lead/Rhythm/Bass [Drop D] –
* Trivium “Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr”|Lead/Alt Lead/Rhythm/Bass [Drop D] –

Reel Big Fish returns to Rocksmith Remastered with their cover of "Take On Me," one of THREE songs in Rockin' Covers II

Rockin’ Covers II – $7.99

* Joan Jett & The Blackhearts “Louie Louie”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –
* Nightwish “Over The Hills And Far Away”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –
* Reel Big Fish “Take On Me”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –


Vote for the best DLC of May 2019
Tegan and Sara – $7.99

  • Tegan and Sara “Call It Off”|Lead/Alt. Lead/Bass [E Standard] | Rhythm/Alt. Rhythm [Capo Required] –
  • Tegan and Sara “The Con”|Lead [Capo Required] |Rhythm [EGDGBE Capo Required] Bass [E Standard] –
  • Tegan and Sara “Walking With A Ghost”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –
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Greg Studley returns with Intermediate Exercises Vol 01, next week on Rocksmith!

The Pretty Reckless – $7.99

* The Pretty Reckless “Going to Hell”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [Eb Drop Db] –
* The Pretty Reckless “Make Me Wanna Die”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [Eb Standard] –
* The Pretty Reckless “My Medicine”|Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] | Lead [Open E] –

Next week's #Rocksmith Remastered DLC?

X Ambassadors "Renegades" come to Rocksmith Remastered next week one of THREE tracks in the Indie Rock Song Pack!

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Indie Rock Song Pack – $7.99

* Aranbee Pop Symphony Orchestra “Bittersweet Symphony”|Lead/Alt. Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –
* Snow Patrol “Chasing Cars”|Lead/Alt. Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –
* X Ambassadors “Renegades”|Lead/Alt. Lead/Rhythm/Alt. Rhythm/Bass [E Standard]

Manic Street Preachers – $7.99

* Manic Street Preachers “A Design For Life”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –
* Manic Street Preachers “If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –
* Manic Street Preachers “Motorcycle Emptiness”|Lead/Rhythm/Alt. Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –

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Time to get ADVANCED. Next week is Advanced Exercises Vol 01 from Greg Studley and the Notetrackers

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Here are your August 2019 Newsletter hints!

Wrestling Theme Song Pack – $7.99

* Jim Johnston “Break The Walls Down (Chris Jericho)”|Lead/Alt. Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –
* Jim Johnston “Electrifying (The Rock)”||Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –
* Jim Johnston “I Won’t Do What You Tell Me (Stone Cold Steve Austin)”|Lead [E Standard] | Rhythm/Bass [Drop D] –

Gary Moore – $7.99

* Gary Moore “The Loner”|Lead [E Standard] | Bass [Drop D] –
* Gary Moore “Over The Hills And Far Away”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –
* Gary Moore “Still Got The Blues”|Lead/Rhythm/Bass [E Standard] –

So I fancy giving this a go - never played guitar in my life. Do I just pickup this remastered version (PS4) along with a (left handed) guitar and I am good to go?
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