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[Rockstar Mag] GTA VI is a big mess and is likely to be bad


Btw, any news of RDR2 next-gen patch? I've been holding off from playing it for a long time now.

Fuck a 'next gen' patch

How about Rockstar actually giving the game meaning full updates alike to GTA Online.

Red Dead Online has so much potential in the world that game exists in, im not going to list everything but in an open wild west world i think we can all think of 10 different things each that would fit into that game world that would be amazing.

Sadly Rockstar has let Red Dead down majorly with small meaningless updates.
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i can't see GTA VI being anywhere near as successful at GTA V. i know the post said about Dan leaving but don't forget about Leslie Benzies. he was very important to GTA. dan might've been the guy at the top of Rockstar but Leslie was the one in Scotland running Rockstar North which is the studio that does GTA games.

rockstar have a shit load of money and can get the worlds most talented developers/writers/managers,etc. who wouldn't want to work on a GTA game? so yeah i'm not saying GTA VI will be a failure. it could be utter shit and still sell a fuck load of copies. for GTA VI to be more successful than GTA V it needs to become the 2nd best selling video game of all time. i think it's at ~150m copies sold so far and that's not even including upcoming current gen versions.

i don't think we'll see anything the on level of GTA V and people will need to keep realistic expectations which is too hard for a lot of gamers apparently.

This 👆

Benzies was hugely important to R* and they fucked themselves over long term by fucking him over post GTA5.

I’m reminded of this snippet on RDR …..



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South Park Studios should buy Take-Two.
They’re practically the reason for RDR2’s success and they would never go woke.


When Leslie Benzies "left" (which might be the most important person they had in making GTA work, he was the lead on GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, IV, and V), and later when Houser left, I knew Rockstar was gonna be different.

You might be looking at a Blizzard or Bioware situation here, where the important guys leave and you sit back with a bunch of people desperately trying to hold the ship together by exploiting their past successes.


The Housers were Rockstar. They left the building and here we are. I bet there's a power vacuum that's trying to be filled with infighting while corporate is trying to milk the corpse.


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- We wanna sell a lot of copies! - said no game dev ever. What does it mean gaf???
- obviously, that means the game will be WOKE. Also, a „mess” and changes made to story in production? What a disaster

bad guy

as bad as Danny Zuko in gym knickers
RDR1 and GTA4 had the most caotic development? Then GTA6 will be awesome because those were better than RDR2 and GTA5.

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I dont really care if 6 is rubbish, we have their back catalogue which is amazing, hopefully RD1 remaster and Rd2 X|s patch, GTA5 remaster, the trilogy coming out soon. More than enough. Benz and Houser were responsible for a lot of the high moments in Rockstars games, and neither of those are even working there any more. I am far more interested in seeing what they're doing than I am in the next GTA game probably made by people who are currently out protesting to get Dave Chappelle cancelled.


My tears. Exclusive to gamepass. Forever.
Another famous IP bites the dust. The woke agenda is in full force and its only getting worse. This will be the first GTA game i’ll skip. Sad!


Gotta go more mainstream, otherwise a billion copies sold is unlikely. I image there's also going to be a phone port.
In an alternate universe, Sleeping Dogs 2 launches to rave reviews, incredible sales, and firmly established a contender to the throne. Alas, we are stuck in the darkest timeline, where GTAVI needs to be “mainstream” when it’s predecessor has sailed past 100 million copies sold.

The sons of bitches over at Rockstar think fucking with the formula for success will be better for them? I can see them selling LESS and blaming toxic community or whatever. These people are fucking inept. Out of touch. I don't even play GTA, but I can see why it sells and am never surprised when it's still on the top 20, years after launch. No wonder Danny-Boy took off. The place is infected with the hypocritical, puritan, bullshit.

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What do they mean by mainstream

GTA is already a mainstream franchise as it is

Gota admit these recent development after dan houser an leslie benzie left is abit worrying
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GTAV was released in 2013 and their only other "recent" game (RDR2), wasn't even a good game gameplay wise.
Years are passing, key people are leaving and nothing is announced.
Signs are not good but at this point it would too easy to jump on the negative bandwagon just to flip flop at the first good trailer.
Let's see what they can do.


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I keep saying the time has never been better for somebody to come in with a GTA killer but nobody is stepping up to the plate
You’d need an enormous budget for that, and every company that has that kind of budget would face the same scrutiny as a new GTA in this day and age, only it couldn’t even use the GTA pedigree as a shield. It’s just asking for social media trouble, even if the game turned out to out-GTA GTA.


Sadly those weirdos have a louder voice than the rest of the world. A politically correct gta, imagine that lol. The end of the world is just around the corner 🤣🤣
"Excuse me sir, may I borrow your electric powered car? Thank you! Oh you left your bottle of soy milk in the car. What a pleasant surprise! Now I will have something to drink as I finish this gender change mission at the local hospital!"
Why am I to believe this person when I've either enjoyed or downright been awed by all of Rockstar's output since the PS2?

Cook it until it's done. God knows it'll be their only game for the next 10 years.


This 👆

Benzies was hugely important to R* and they fucked themselves over long term by fucking him over post GTA5.

I’m reminded of this snippet on RDR …..

He didn't work on RDR2 and it turned out to be great.

The Housers were Rockstar. They left the building and here we are. I bet there's a power vacuum that's trying to be filled with infighting while corporate is trying to milk the corpse.

Sam Houser didn't leave.
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What did they think would happen after Leslie Benzies left? The Houser brothers even explained in court documents that it was him that saved the company multiple times through the cleanup on RDR. With Dan Houser and Leslie Benzie gone, this is going to be another Mass Effect Andromeda/Anthem launch, but with a chance to keep working on it.
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I think story will take a nosedive, but maybe with other Houser gone, they can take on foot gameplay to much responsive direction.


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I have no doubt Take Two has asked Rockstar to tone it down. They don't want the headaches that have come from watching the Ubisoft and Activision mess. We need to be prepared for games to change and that includes games like Grand Theft Auto. It sucks, but its going to happen. It's obvious that Take Two wants this to be more toned down.

They key is can they find the right balance between these compromises to keep it well loved while at the same time minimizing the grumbling from the extreme progressive mob that permeates the media and other groups. I, as many, have my doubts.


Before RDR2 came out there were plethora of "insider" scoops that the game was in development hell, everything was a mess, the game was going to be terrible and look how that turned out.

So I'm not pushing the panic button just yet.
True, i'm pretty sure they will make it work and the end.
Western gaming industry continuing digging their own hole.

That being said super excited for RDR remaster, and hopefully Mexico will be added to Red Dead Online alongside!!!
Well, they want to cater to a small section of the public, who most likely won't even play the game while pissing off the rest. A genius strategy.


guys... i've never seen so much jazz about such a pointless bit of news yo, talk about projection, extrpolation
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