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|OT| Rogue Legacy 2 |OT| Does Coulrophobia Run In Your Family?


Jun 3, 2013
Playing the original sporadically now. I enjoy it in short bursts but I feel the progression takes way too long. Hope this come out of early access before too long.


Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.
Jul 2, 2013
Anyone play the new patch? Hoping to put some time over the weekend.
Played about an hour so far. The inclusion of the new features makes this finally feel like it's a proper sequel instead of just the first game with a new art style.

The inclusion of EXP per class is the best part, in my opinion. That way, if you get stuck with lame classes you don't normally play it's at least worthwhile and counts towards something (in addition to the gold you may obtain). The relic system is also awesome, and it gives you random buffs in the middle of a run but they typically cost you a reduction of your Max HP. The new classes are all pretty cool, I especially like the cook because their weapon applies burning (damage over time) and their special ability recovers health and is replenished by picking up meat. The Valkyrie is also pretty cool with their directed spear attack that lets you attack in any direction.

Overall this adds a ton of replayability to what's already there and it adds two new areas to explore (and a few more that are "under construction"). Really good stuff, hopefully they have a few more updates this size before the game releases to 1.0 and I would be super happy with that.
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Maiden Voyage

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Sep 5, 2014

Rogue Legacy 2 – v0.3.2​

With the Arcane Hallows update, we took a stab at game balance in order to make the early game more approachable and have it curve cleaner into the late game. We’re happy with the changes we’ve made, but think we made the experience a touch too easy. We’ve fixed a ton of bugs, updated class balancing, and made system tweaks that massively change the way you play.
Does this update make the game too hard or too easy? We’d love to hear your thoughts on our Discord channel.

- The Cellar Door Dev Team


Mages have had a major bug all this time, and fixing it will make them a lot stronger. This, along with the buffs to magic, will make them REALLY strong. They may be nerfed in a future patch.
  • Fixed the Mage's custom spell pool. Unlike all other classes, the Mage's spell pool is broken into two categories, Offensive and Utility. This ensures Mages always have an even spread of abilities, to ensure they have an even spread of abilities. There was a bug so Mages were only taking from the Offense list, cutting their spell pool in half.
  • Mages Utility Spell Pool: Flame Shield, Magic 8 Ball, Wind wall, Shockwave, Freeze strike, Prismatic, and Thunderstorm.
  • Mages Offense Spell Pool: Fireball, Lightning Spike, Blaze Bellow, Searing Shot, Gravity Beam, Time Bomb, Fungal Spread.
  • Knockback increased on the Mages wand, and the firebolt (before explosion)
The Ranger is in a great state. But we still feel like we can give them a few QoL changes to make them feel just a bit better.
  • Ivy Canopy now creates a tiny side wall to help with fringe angles.
  • Attack Exit window reduced (slightly)
Valkyrie's been top-tier for a long time. We don't want to reduce their health or damage more, so we're going to increase the skill floor a bit.
  • Spin Radius reduced (slightly)
  • Spin Counter Window reduced (slightly)
  • Spin "Spam Grace Window Reduced" (only affects button mashers)
The recent change to Barbarians reduced their damage, but the increase to their vitality just made them stronger. This, along with their new aerial maneuvers, really keeps them at the top. We’ve removed the health bonus from the last patch and we’ll see where it goes from there.
  • Bonus health scaling reduced from 130% to 120% (Original launch values)
The Knight is our intro class. We want them to be the jack-of-all-trades, but right now they’re just the winningest-of-all-everythings. The new Shield Dashing Tech plus the change to the talent made them extremely good for veterans, but not super great for beginners (who don’t spam the shield). These following changes will hopefully help new players get more out of blocking, and prevent pros from abusing it.
  • Knight Block now has a 10s CD.
  • Knight Perfect Block window increased.
  • Knight Perfect Block damage, explosion radius, and knockback all increased SIGNIFICANTLY.
Turned out Suave launched with a bug. Now that it’s fixed, Suave is working properly and is VERY strong. While the Gunslinger has Suave, their DPS (damage per second) is nearly doubled. We’ve reduced their damage scaling to compensate for this. This also has the side benefit of making Suave really powerful for other fast hitting classes (especially Assassin and Barbarian).
  • Suave bug FIX: It now ADDS 30% of your MAGIC as damage BEFORE weapon modifiers are applied.
  • Empty shooting no longer keeps you airborne forever (you’ll slowly fall).
  • Pistol damage down. (But compensated by Suave status effect).
Good, but deals a touch too much damage.
  • Cloak reduced from 3.5s to 3s.
  • Damage down slightly.
Good, but often overlooked for other classes so we want to be careful with nerfs lest people think it premature.
  • Roll CD raised from 1.5s to 2s.

Now that we’ve settled in a good rhythm for how mana regen works, we’ve taken a look at the damage output spells have been doing, and think they could use a nice buff across the board. These buffs benefit the Mage the most, obviously.
  • Fixed bugs where the last tic of certain spells wouldn’t trigger depending on the magic of framerates.
  • Searing Shot impact damage from 125% INT to 150% (510% dmg after burn applied)
  • Fireball explosion damage from 125% INT to 150% (510% dmg after burn applied)
  • Windwall damage increased from 40% INT to 60%
  • Blaze Bellow TIC damage raised from 125% INT to 135%
  • Shockwave INT damage raised from 200% to 225% and knockback increased by 25%
  • Sporeburst Status Effect damage raised from 150% INT to 200%
  • Freeze Strike Size increased, and damage raised from 50% to 75%
  • Lightning Storm damage raised from 250% INT to 275%
  • Tesla Spike damage raised from 40% INT per tic to 50% per tic (max 500% dmg)

Early bosses are easier. Later bosses, harder.

Estuary Lamech
  • Base Health reduced
Void Beast Halpharr and Byarrith
  • Arena layout change. Bounce platforms have been added to the center, and a second row has been added to let people get super high. We originally wanted players to kick up off the skeletons but we think it’s asking too much from the players this early on in the game.
  • Skeletons Bone throw attacks now go higher to accommodate for people hanging too high in the air.
  • The Big bone attack is now smaller.
  • Fixed big bone end pieces not having a hitbox.
  • Community: Fixed Skeleton Bosses small bones not being counterable (stomp, and throw)
Estuary Namaah
We were safe with her on initial launch because we were afraid people wouldn't be comfortable with the platforming. Now that we see how people are faring, we're bumping her AI up a bit.
  • Move speed increased.
  • Aggression Increased.
  • Dashing attack speed increased.
Estuary Enoch
  • New SFX and Music have been added to the Boss. It’s gooood stuff.
  • Health and damage increased slightly.
  • Void Shield can no longer be destroyed by Knight Block or other abilities that destroy projectiles.
  • Fixed explosion not triggering during mode shift.
  • Blightborn Furcas has a new attack animation!

We pushed the new armor algorithm knowing it was powerful. It turned out to be too powerful. We’ve re-enabled “chipping” so that blazing through low level areas will still have a small amount of consequence. Stacking-quenching runes will eliminate this almost entirely though.
  • Taking damage now reduces armor by 1. Chipped armor can now be restored via quenching runes.
  • Quenching runes are now 30 weight (down from 50).

  • Dwarfism gold bonus down a tier 50% to 25%. (As more range classes were created, being a Dwarf went from being good on a few classes, to being good on a lot of classes).
  • Monochromacy gold raised from 20% to 25%.
  • C.I.P raised from 20% to 25%.
  • Alexithymia raised from 20% to 25%.
  • Masochism mana regen on hit down from 100% to 50%. Masochism now grants a 25% gold bonus.
  • Blessings now display their proper buffs (10% and 5% vs 5% and 2.5%). This was just a display error, so nothing else has really changed.

  • Trinkets now only drop from gold chests.
  • Gold chests will now always drop gear if the gear is a low enough level, before reverting to ore.
  • Community: Chests now drop a little more gold at the start to help with their early game rewards scaling.
  • Charon Gold Bonus Milestones raised. It was so low that it was better to give Charon money rather than buy stats in order to hit the first few milestones.

  • Knockback on Sentries and all variants reduced so Barbarians can push them back
  • Crossbow enemy damage up, and size down.
  • Dexterity rebalanced. You will scale faster in the beginning, but slow down sooner near the end.
  • All characters start with 5% bonus crit chance, and your starting Dexterity and Focus were brought back down to 0.

  • Community: More room fixes.
  • Community: More typo fixes.
  • Community: Removed “In development” weapon accidentally added to the Curio Shoppe.
  • Community: Fixed pistol and bow projectiles not scaling with player size.
  • Community: Fixed the crossbow enemies not being named.
  • Community: Fixed bad text links in skill tree.
  • Community: Crossbow enemy names not displaying fixed.
  • Added sound effects for Mimic Chests.
  • Wolves initial delay now properly working.
  • Blessings now display their proper buffs (10%/5% vs 5%/2.5%). This was just a display error, so nothing else has really changed.
  • Fixed bug where Namaah's wave attack sound effects could loop forever.
  • Fixed bug where the game would be capped to 60fps on a high refresh rate monitor even if vsync was disabled.
  • Fixed bug where Resolve was being calculated incorrectly if you had purchased or upgraded Archeology Camp in your castle.
  • Made various changes to "gold/meat/mana stuck in a wall" logic to try to prevent items from glitching into the floor.
  • Fixed bug where Enchantress UI wasn't resetting to the top when re-opened with a different input device.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Diva and Puritan traits could reveal the locations of enemies not yet activated in Fairy Rooms.
  • Fixed bug where Mimic Chests would sometimes face the wrong way when entering a room if you had activated them previously.
  • Fixed bug where Slugs would not randomize direction when you entered a room.
  • Fixed bug where the final room of an Arena would play the wrong music.
  • Fixed bug where slugs and wisps would sometimes be invisible when you entered a room.
  • Community: Fixed bug where snow mounds would spawn on the ceiling and sides of walls.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the Gnawed Bone relic wasn't stacking correctly.
  • Community: Fixed bug where downstriking did not apply the Serrated Handle's Bargain damage bonus.
  • Community: Fixed bug where enemies would still appear in full color when summoned from Arena portals if you had the Associative Agnosia trait.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the Diva trait would cause a black bar to appear in the water of Axis Mundi.
  • Fixed bug where Doomvases would sometimes light the room up when activated.
  • Fixed regression bug with Disattuned trait causing an exception due to changes to how the black fill effect worked.
  • Community: Fixed bug where a test weapon was appearing in the Curio Shoppe.
  • Community: Fixed bug where you could jump over the roof of one of the Study Miniboss entrances.
  • Community: Fixed some room layouts that could softlock players.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was not applying to the reload ability.
  • Community: Fixed bug where you could jump over the door trigger to the boss door in the Axis Mundi.
  • Fixed regression bug where changes to address layering of the black tint effect resulted in the effect sometimes not appearing whatsoever.
  • Fixed bug where the screen would shake every time a miniboss in the Stygian Study was beaten.
  • Fixed bug where deactivated sniper enemies in fairy rooms would have their aim indicators visible.
  • Community: Updated player card to now fully display your base stats and current changes to those stats.
  • Community: Fixed bug where the info displayed for twin relics was not correct.
  • Fixed bug where certain enemies would have the wrong hitboxes enabled upon entering a room.
  • Community: Fixed bug where overriding an enemy's activation logic when summoning them would retain that setting even when not being summoned, which caused enemies like Mimics and Doomvas to immediately attack upon entering a room.
  • Fixed bug where the Suave status effect was only applying to bonus magic damage, not actual magic damage.
  • Community: Fixed bug where, in very rare scenarios, an ability would not properly reset its animation parameters when stopped, resulting in occasionally sticking the player in an attack (occurred when Duelist performed the attack-roll-attack combo).
  • Fixed bug where Resolve was not applying to the base HP grace amount, meaning 0% resolve still left the player at 50 hp instead of the intended 1 hp. This also means grabbing a vitality apple with 1 hp will kill the player.
  • Fixed bug where dying to the health tree would result in some weird UI.
  • Player can no longer interact with interactables while stunned.
  • Fixed bug where player could still take damage when running into a frozen enemy.
  • Handled scenario where raycast point would exist above the player, which resulted in player sometimes being pushed through terrain from above.
  • Fixed minor issue with side collider checks.
  • Rewrote below collider inside-point logic to mimic the logic for side colliders because it was a lot cleaner and far more efficient.
  • Vampire trait now only applies on weapon attacks.
  • Changed Quenching runes to stack additively instead of as a mod percent.
  • Fixed bug where only one projectile from Spore Spell was triggering collisions with secret walls.
  • Community: Fixed bug where volume settings were not applying to the CDG Splash screen.
  • Changed status effect logic so that effects that apply every tick no longer have that tick rate reset every time the status effect is reapplied.
  • Fixed bug where Gnawed Bone was not displaying correctly in Relic HUD.
  • Added more debug tracking for mismatched room indices.
  • Community: Fixed bug where remapping input would not update the game text until you restarted.
  • Added a confirm menu when resetting controls to default.
  • Fixed bug where attempting to remap 'Move Right' to the right mouse button would not work.
  • Community: Fixed bug where options menus were registering the right mouse button as a mouse click.
  • Community: A bunch of skills have been rewritten to be betterer worded.
  • Fixed bug where fairy room trigger levers would be positioned in the wrong place when spawned in a mirrored fairy room.
  • Fixed some issues with some fairy challenge rooms not behaving as intended.
  • Fixed bug where teleporting to the bridge room in the Study would play the Castle music.
  • Fixed bug where slugs would not turn around when they reached a door at the edge of a room.
  • Void Wall added to tower to prevent exploit entry.
  • Changed Naamah’s Memory room.
  • Mouse input no longer overrides keyboard input when using shops.
  • Fixed bug where rapidly moving the mouse up and down on the buttons in a shop would make the shop scroll.
  • Fixed bug where increasing vitality in the healing room would deal no damage if the player was currently invincible.
  • Fixed bug where reloading any other way than with a talent would trigger sentries.
  • Fixed exception thrown when switching monitors that had different supported resolutions.
  • Fixed bug where exception would be thrown if you switched to a different monitor and then played again when that monitor was no longer connected.
  • Fixed bug where going too far in the lineage scene and zooming back would glitch out portrait viewing.
  • Added speed logic to portrait viewing in lineage scene. The longer you hold the button, the faster you will scroll through the portraits.
  • Added speech bubble to Docks intro plaque.
  • Fixed summoned bosses not appearing in death recap.
  • Added audio for Gongheads.
  • Added audio for Murmur.
  • Added audio for Portrait cutscenes.
  • Fixed an uncomfortably long silence between Lamech phase 1 and phase 2 music.
  • Fixed broken Lamech staff attack audio.
  • Fixed bug where Clouds wouldn't play the "zap" sound when you teleport away from them.
  • Fixed bug where the Charon Gold Bonus could exceed the MAX level.
  • Fixed bug where Arena music would wait a few seconds before starting.
  • Fixed bug where beating a boss would sometimes not resume the biome music after the portrait cutscene.
  • Changed the Study miniboss rooms so they stop the music when you beat the boss.
  • Fixed bug where you could take damage while using a global teleporter.
  • Fixed bug where enemies and props would abruptly disappear when moving between biomes.
  • Fixed bug where decos (books, candles, etc.) would sometimes take a few frames to appear.
  • Fixed bug where resolution and primary display settings sometimes weren't being saved when switching monitors.
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