Roland Emmerich is producing a 6 hour T.E Lawrence mini-series

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LONDON – Roland Emmerich (White House Down) will produce a six-hour event mini-series based on the legendary story of Lawrence of Arabia that FremantleMedia International is developing.

The company announced the project on Tuesday, saying that Emmerich will produce along with Marc Frydman (Straw Dogs) and Rod Lurie (ABC’s Commander in Chief).
VIDEO: Roland Emmerich's 'White House Down'

Written by award-winning screenwriter Clive Bradley (Channel 4’s City of Vice and the BBC’s Waking The Dead) and Lurie, the production will center on the heroic journey of British Army officer T.E. Lawrence who became famous as “Lawrence of Arabia” due to his unique role and relationship with Arab leaders during World War I.

FremantleMedia said Michael Korda, a well-known biographer whose works include Ike, Ulysses S. Grant and Hero: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia, will be the official historical consultant on the project.

FremantleMedia International CEO David Ellender said: "The Middle East and Arab Spring as we know them today are linked to Lawrence’s actions, which make this epic incredibly topical. I am delighted that we are working with partners of such high caliber to bring this project to the screen."
Edmond Dantès;56235268 said:
Better off reading The Seven Pillars of Wisdom and Michael Korda's Hero.
Came to post this.

There is no reason to think that anything appealing about the first film will carry over into a mini series produced by Emmerich. Also, political correctness will make this project extraordinarily difficult.

I'm a little ambivalent about this. I really despise the popular depiction that T.E Lawrence just came over to peninsula one day, gathered some bedouins and started the arab revolt. None of which is true.

If it's reasonably accurate, and you know maybe give a voice to the arab protagonists, I'd be interested.
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