Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel |OT| Mega Man On Ice


Platform: PC
Developer: erka:es
Genre: Whatever Mega Man is
Release: 20 October 2012 - OUT NOW
Price: $17.19 (digital)
Where to buy: Digital version here. Physical version here or here.
Demo: Here.
Prequel: Rosenkreuzstilette

RKS Wiki said:
Rosenkreuzstilette plays similarly to classic Mega Man games. The gameplay is simple: make your way through stages eliminating enemies and collecting items as you go. Defeating the boss at the end of the stage completes it. Clearing one of the eight main stages that are selectable from the stage select screen also rewards you with a new weapon, which varies based on the boss defeated, and a new password that can be used to resume a game from where the player last left off.
These kinds of screens look familiar? Good. Get to work.

If you haven't heard of Rosenkreuzstilette before clicking this thread, you almost certaintly won't care about the story. I've played both games and I barely do.

RKS Wiki said:
Several months have passed since the events of Rosenkreuzstilette. The Orthodox Church has begun witch-hunting Magi while a mysterious group of Dark Magi, captained by a woman named Pamela Arwig, forms an organization known as the Schwarzkreuz and abducts Spiritia Rosenberg. It's up to Freudia Neuwahl, along with the help of her new fairy friend, Strudel, to get to the bottom of the mystery. If they can get past their friends in the RKS and their latest member, Dolis Warmind of the RKS's Special Ops Division first.
The wiki has more info.


Enemies - Round 1

Enemies - Round 2

Enemies - Round 3

I sure hope you like ice, because there's a theme here.

Q. Why?
A. Japan.

Q. No, I mean why should I buy it?
A. Oh. Well if you want the tl;dr version, it's a damn brilliant Mega Man game. If you like those games then it's your duty to check this out.

Q. How long is it?
A. 8 + 4 + 4 stages. Two playable characters, but you need a code to unlock the second one (see below). My first run took about 4-5 hours, but that's only because it was default weapon only / no energy tanks and I was half asleep.

Q. English version when?
A. All the important menus are in English already. Trust me, unless you're playing Story Mode and you desperately want to know why you're shooting everyone up, the Japanese text won't bother you.

Q. Is there a demo?
A. Sure is. Here.

Q. Should I play Rosenkreuzstilette?
A. Yes, although Freudenstachel is the better game in my mind.

Q. How do I play as Zero Pamela?
A. Press
Up, Down, R, L on the erka:es logo screen (first screen on startup)
. You may need to beat the game as Freudia first.

Q. Will I be put on the FBI watchlist for playing this game?
A. Not unless you're playing it naked at one of their offices.


First time making an |OT|, let me know if I've missed something. It may be unusual to make a thread for something like this, but the game's too good to be overlooked.


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I was about to comment on how amusing this game's title is if you know German. Then I saw that one of the characters is named Strudel.
What does it mean, anyway?

To me it looks like somebody just randomly pounded their head on the keyboard.

Even ignoring the very real possibility I might die of laughter because of the mix of injokes and weird german here, that looks quie interesting.
These kind of games really need to be on steam for me though, so I can buy and then forever procrastinate over playing them. Like this, I just procrastinate over buying it. Gotta procrastinate over something :(
I played the original Rosenkreuzstilette forever ago, it pretty damn hard to go through. Grolla mode was fun to play as well. Multiple playable characters in this one sounds nice though!
I remember an extremely similar looking Mega Man clone from years ago called Mega Mari. Aren't there a bunch of these games floating around out there? Are they all made by the same developer or something?
Japanese + German = Enuff letters.

Anyway, nice to see games that will probably never officially see the light of day outside of its native country get threads here.
Tried the demo. I couldn't defeat the boss, but I still feel like I'm having more fun with this game than I should.
There are definitely too few "Mega Man"-like games. Might even buy this.
Game seems fairly solid (if unambitious) as a Megaman clone, but the production values are weird. Enemies have no more frames of animation than your average NES Megaman, and there's usually only one BG layer so it looks like a directly up-res'd version of those games. Kinda disorienting, actually. And we've been doing parallax scrolling since, like, the Genny days, guys...
Ok, since no one has translated the whole thing so far, I'll do it (instead of sleeping as I should):

Rosenkreuz: Jewish name (rose + cross)
Stilette: -> stilettos (plural)
Freudenstachel: sting of joy (can be interpreted as "penis", lol, sounds old fashioned)
Weißsilber: white silver
Freudia: (correct: Freude) joy
Strudel: can mean both vortex or strudel (the meal)
Spiritia: (Spiritismus / spirituell) spiritualism
Zorne: (Zorn) anger
Trauare: (Trauer) mourning
Grolla: (Groll) grudge
Sichte: (Sicht) view
Liebea: (Liebe) love
Schwer-Muta: (Schwermut) melancholy / gloom
Dolis: (probably Doris, the female name that also exists in English)
Eifer: eagerness, enthusiasm
Schirach: the Jewish last name I guess
Lecht / Rink: (rechts / links) left / right

Unbekannt: unknown
Stachel: sting, thorn
Klinge: blade
Kreisel: top (the toy)
Lanze: lance
Schwert: sword
Teufel: devil (or demon)
Zwinger: dungeon (main meaning is "kennel")
Kristal: (Kristall) crystal
Hund: dog
Flügel: wing
Strudel: see above

Fühler: antennae (of a bug)
Neuwahl: (Neuwahlen) snap election

Why am I doing this... at least I haven't downloaded.
The backrounds look mostly good in stills. The sprites seem decently-draw. Damn shame about the theme, as always. Will probably try demo for shits.


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Looks a lot better than RockmanXover!

Could see myself getting this at some point. SO MUCH "GELMAN"! I always find it funny to watch the Japanese go crazy with over-use of French or German terms, as it's such a fitting parallel to American anime watchers going overboard with the use of Japanese.

Not to into gaming on PC, but would possibly get this, if I didn't order up a serving of Aquapizza recently...


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Seems like a neat game, but man I hate that art. And this is coming from someone who likes a decent anime.
Tried the demo. I couldn't defeat the boss, but I still feel like I'm having more fun with this game than I should.
There are definitely too few "Mega Man"-like games. Might even buy this.
The boss fights are my favourite part of the game, despite the crazy number of times I ended up retrying some of them. The later ones can be pretty unforgiving until you get the patterns down.

Going to stream some of the demo for a bit if anyone is curious. O:
I've been watching but all I can hear is static (?)

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This looks great. If I had money I would get it. Oh, and a gamepad.

The art is pretty generic though. Don't get the hate, it's just on the opposite end of the spectrum of a dudebro shooter.


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LoL, that boss is a perfect reference to bomberman. Even doing the chain of invincible bomb-splosions as an attack. Go Go bomb kick! That one mechanical arm actually probably makes her a direct reference to Bomberman Act Zero, now that I think about it...

I see nothing to really hate in the art... it's actually pretty well done. Megaman went through all his games fighitng a bunch of other men, with only 1 female mentioned until 9 games in the series... and the designs are not overly-sexual or pedo-creepy.


LoL, and now a directly Arthur-Rip for an enemey... this is kinda fun.
How difficult, compared to Mega Man games? For reference as a comparison to my skill level: After a lot of effort, I got up to the point in MM2 where you have to crash bomb those turrets in Wily's Castle and got stuck.


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Freudenstachel you say?

Rosenkreuz: Jewish name (rose + cross)
Stilette: -> stilettos (plural)
Freudenstachel: sting of joy (can be interpreted as "penis", lol, sounds old fashioned)

Okay, so let me get this straight.

A Japanese person created a Mega-Man clone using moe characters.

And named it "Rose Cross Stilletos: Penis".

Am I fully understanding the facts here?


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Is this REALLY even "Moe", though? The girls actually look mostly deecnt in age, and there doesn't seem to be much in the way of making you feel sorry for the girls, or like "you should have protected them!" or anything of that sort.

This is probably one of the least-offensive girl-filled doujin games I've seen. Unless there's some secret dark side that pops up later on, dealing with that Fruedensatchel or something...