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RPG Maker Unite announced


Party Gooper


Announcing RPG Maker Unite - An Ambitious Project to use Unity for the next RPG Maker installment!

At Gotcha Gotcha Games, it is our sincerest wish to help aspiring game developers to create their own games without the many hurdles of game development. RPG Maker Unite is our latest endeavor to this mission.

RPG Maker series has always been known for its easy-to-use eventing system and user-friendly interface. We decided to up the ante further by using the great features of the highly popular Unity engine!

With RPG Maker Unite's codeless system and Unity's powerful features, the RPG of your dreams is closer than ever!

■What is “Maker series”?​

The Maker series are game development software that dates as far back to the 1990s. We released multiple engines fitting different developer needs such as RPGs, Visual Novels, Action Games, and so on. While the past Maker titles were standalone software, we believe that with Unity's capabilities and our 30 years of experience in making visually forward engines, we can provide an experience that makes the game development process so much easier!

■Major Features:​

●Create RPGs without coding!
With RPG Maker series' powerful command system and editable parameters, users will be able to rapidly create systems without any sort of coding knowledge!

●Beautiful resources to make compelling games!
Streamline your game development process further with our library of assets! From audio, characters, enemies, world biomes, and more, you can create a game immediately!

●An enhanced Map Editor!
Want to improve your maps further than before? RPG Maker Unite will also feature support for pre-rendered backgrounds and object-oriented map structures. Elevate your game's presentation with our new tools!

●Featuring an established and versatile Database System!
RPG Maker Unite, like its predecessors, will also provide a premade database that is necessary to create an RPG! It will include Character stats and classes, items, abilities, monsters and so much more! You can customize and add your entries to stand out!

Please stay tuned as more information become available!

So apparently they're using Unity but with a customized Editor UI and some custom framework on top.



Party Gooper
For as much as I dislike Unity, it's kinda neat that it allows customizing the Editor to this degree. Not sure if Unreal allows this.

I can see this as an opportunity to license it out to game engine developers for them to make their own Unity-based engine and tooling, with all the benefits of Unity included.


Party Gooper
New update

The First RPG Maker in the Series to Natively Support FHD Resolution

Here is another long-sought after change coming true - native Full HD resolution support! This would be a first for RPG Maker series!


As seen in our sample map, this would allow much higher creative freedom to allow for sharper, more vivid and colorful graphics than ever! Time to make your creation feel more immersive to draw players into your world!


Here is a little close-up shot to the sample map. The woods and water feels much more natural and beautiful than ever. Color gradations as seen in artificial objects such as stein glasses are also much more detailed than the past!


Naturally, the benefit of higher resolution also extends into Battles! Battle graphics can now have much more crisp colors and detailed expressions noticeable to players!

As most of us often say, “The Devil is in the Details”, games are also no exceptions. Make good use of the added details to make your RPG game more believable!

March 25 - First RPG Maker Unite Q&A
It has been a month and half since we made the RPG Maker Unite reveal in February and we really apologize for the long silence as development continues. Meanwhile, we are extremely content and flattered by the amount of praises and encouragement we receive from fans! Of course, there are also a lot of questions. Since we cannot answer directly on SNS at this moment yet, we have selected a few that we can answer at this point. Please note that the answers only reflect the current state of development as of this Dev Log and may change should the need arise.

Q1. Regarding More Supported Languages?
As of March 25th, 2022, we currently commit Japanese, English, and Simplified Chinese support at launch. We are also always open to the idea of adding more, pending on the amount of demands for it as well as development status. However, it should be mentioned that a stable and satisfactory release of RPG Maker Unite would always be our top priority.

Q2. Can I Use Past Assets and Projects?
Unfortunately no. Since RPG Maker Unite’s core programming is drastically different (being based on Unity) from past titles, backwards compatibility or a data conversion feature is not something we could commit to at this moment. For this reason, we recommend those who are already working deep on a project in past RPG Maker titles to finish it first before moving to RPG Maker Unite.

Q3. Do Users Need to Pay Unity for Usage of RPG Maker Unite?
RPG Maker Unite will be available to all Unity users, including users of the free version of Unity Personal and Student license plans. For detailed guides on the types of Unity plans and eligibility, please refer to Unity’s Plans and Pricing page:



World’s Biggest Weeb
Why do you hate Unity?
I was wondering the same thing. I guess some people dislike it because performance issues in demanding 3D games, but for 2D retro/indie stuff like this why in the heck would you want or need UE5?

Seems like for this case, ease of use/speed of development >>>>>>>>>> performance and graphical features.
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