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Spoilers RTTP: Days Gone


Jan 15, 2018
I played Days Gone when it was released. I enjoyed it. But it was undoubtely Sony's most buggy and unpolished game. Or is that the last guardian?

Anyway, now that the game runs at 60 fps on PS5 i decided to revisit it. It's still buggy but at least the performance has been vastly improved. Though i can still feel occasional fps drops.

I decided to play on survival mode. Survival modes were added in an update way after i had stoped playing it.
I always thought the game was too easy. Unfortunately all survival does is remove some hud elements and make enemies that were already bullet sponges even more spongier.
Resources as far as i can tell are the same as normal mode. Plentiful. Fuel gallons every few meters.
One of my coolest experiences when i played it for the first time was when i was stranded in the middle of nowhere, at night, with no fuel. I had to scavenge for fuel on foot. It was completely uneventful but i enjoyed the feeling.

Survival was tough at first due to shitty weapons and lack of unlocked skills. And here's my criticism of modern game design. You create these mechanics and then strip it away and use it as dangling carrots. Gunplay sucks. But then you unlock a skill. Turn a 0 to 1 and suddenly shooting feels good. I don't like it.
You should unlock recipes, crafting blueprints. Not shooting skills. Deacon is a trained soldier after all.
Mid game was the sweet spot. I had used all nero injections to increase stamina. I had little health and focus. And hadn't unlocked all ranged skills yet. Combat was fun and challenging.
In contrast, by the end, Deacon was the fucking terminator. You just can't die.

Enemy AI is good enough. They flank and take cover. And don't magically know where you are when alerted.
This one time i was ambushed by some bikers. I drove uphill behind some trees to take cover when i heard gunshots. I peaked from the safety of a bush and saw the bikers get swarmed by a horde. No idea if it was dynamic or scripted. But nothing like it ever happened again.
Speaking about hordes. They should be more prevalent throghout the game. You're only forced to kill 3 hordes. All the other ones are optional. Hordes are the big thing in this game. But they never feel like a real threat. They are either sleeping or eating, minding their own business. They never attack any of the camps.
Freaks aren't undead. They are mutated feral humans. You don't step on their turf, they won't bother you. It's kind of fucked up how you go around murdering them by the dozens. Even children. Imagine hanging out with your friends in your shit filled cave when this crazy biker starts tossing molotovs at you. Reminds me of I am legend. The original story, not the Will Smith flick.

The size of the map is just perfect in my opinion. Objectives are usually under 1 km away. You can't use fast travel in survival but honestly I never missed it. And i like riding my bike. Its physics aren't realistic i think but are decent.
I wish the bike had side grades and instead of just buying what is more expensive you had to make choices. Like having a heavier armor that slows you down or less armor to be faster.

Story and characters are ok. They are not particularly memorable but in the end i felt an atachment to most of them.

Two story related things i recall hating. There was this part where you have to pretty much hold forward for like 5 minutes while characters walk and talk.
The final """""boss""""". Game takes away your weapons and health items. You can get killed by one bullet. It's not difficult. Just stupid. Dear devs, just make it a cutscene.

It was a great ride and i hope Days Gone 2 is in the works.
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