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RTTP: Shadowman Remastered (minor spoilers)


Nov 30, 2012
I played this game on the N64 back in the day and i absolutely loved it. But it's also a pretty big and demanding game so i never replayed it. I did attempt to replay the original PC version after i got my first PC, but the janky controls made me quit.

But now, the remastered version is amazing. The latest version has pretty great controls too (initial version had some issues). So, with improved textures, modern controls and the ability to play it at 120+ fps on my monitor, i though what the hell, i need to play this again. So i did and i'm hooked. This still plays great and i like it more than most 3rd person modern games because of it's amazing atmosphere.

Really the atmosphere is the game's best part. It has a lot of different styles and themes. At first, it has that voodoo folklore thing going on. Then you get a lot of Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider themes as you explore ancient temples with epic music. Then there's the industrial-horror theme of the Asylum areas. This one is my favorite, that place feels really nasty and unpleasant in a way very few games manage. And also has the best music themes as well. And after all that, you get to hunt a bunch of known serial killers, each one with his own area/atmosphere/theme.

As for the gameplay, it plays like a darker version of Zelda, with some Metroid touches. There is a lot of exploring and backtracking to use new abilities to reach previously unreachable areas. I think it's way harder than your typical Zelda game too, though it's also a bit jankier with it's platforming. I absolutely love it personally, but if you are one of those who need a map or hate backtracking, you might want to skip this one.

Oh and it might be the best game ever with a black protagonist. So, it has that going on if you care. It's "current day" compatible y'all. Voice acting is also pretty great considering it's a pre-2000's game.

Speaking of pre-2000's, i love the high-res remastering and textures but otherwise the graphics are so 1999. It has that late 5th gen graphical style where everything is still pretty low-poly, with big flat areas and boxy rooms/corridors. I would really love to see a proper remake of it one day. Keep the same feel/atmosphere but with modern day graphics. Sounds like a day 1 game to me.

Anyway, here's some of Asylum's ambience:

And all the music for the temple areas

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Jul 4, 2020
I dig it! That game cover was hugely intriguing to me back in the day.. I'll look this up, see some gameplay!