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RTTP: Twin Peaks Season 3 (Spoilers)

Season 3 was

  • Awful

    Votes: 2 15.4%
  • Pretty shit

    Votes: 3 23.1%
  • Not bad

    Votes: 1 7.7%
  • Great! (sips latte)

    Votes: 7 53.8%

  • Total voters


Fingerlickin' Good!
May 22, 2018
Let's look back at the greatest TV show troll of all time. I was just thinking about it today - but I haven't rewatched cause that would be painful as fuck.
This season was sooooo bad it's unbelievable looking back. It was like a collection of skits Lynch had kept in a scrapbook patched together into a show, with the beloved main character mentally retarded for 90% of it. I remember watching it each week and people online would be like 'today must be the day when Cooper comes back!' and they kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and then finally he's back, in like the second last episode! But then his nemesis is killed by some side character with a glove and he goes into some dream world in the last episode and I don't understand anything that happened. Lynch was given so much freedom, and then it bombed big time. People at the time were all like 'this is brilliant! best season ever!' as they lied through their teeth. But be honest now, did you actually like this season?


Jun 3, 2013
I did really enjoy watching it weekly, and while I don't think it was as good as it could have been, I do think it was successful. There are some very questionable decisions made by Lynch to be sure, but man, that's Lynch. I think the visuals and music were great, imo the whole ordeal was worth it to get that last track Dark Space Low (ok maybe not but I love that track)
I do think he held the audience by the balls a bit too long before bringing Cooper back, and then his return to TP wasn't as satisfying as it could have been, but yeah, I had fun with it.


Jun 25, 2015
Poll is missing "all of the above" choice.

I've been a major Twin Peaks fan since 1991 when I first saw the series. Season 3, some if it I loved and some of it disappointed me big time.

The first two episodes were horrible. I liked some of the ideas in the Red Room and the fact that a lot of those episodes had stuff happening there, but I was really disappointed in the look of the Red Room. The rooms were way too big and for some reason the curtains at times looked like a special effect even though they weren't. The rooms didn't have the same feel of a bit claustrophobic closeness the first two seasons and FWWM had. It didn't feel we are inside those rooms. It felt we were watching a stage play.

And then in those first two episodes when we were out of that place and in the normal world it felt really cheap.

I loved episode 3 though. I had no issue with senile Cooper and in fact when he came back to normal in Episode 16(?) that was disappointing and I would've rather continued to watch Dougie doing his thing. "I am the FBI!" - what a corny moment that was...

Audrey's scenes were really terrible except the cliffhanger moment that became one of my favorite cliffhangers ever.

Dr. Jacoby's show's joke was ok when we saw it the first time, but when it was shown two more times almost exactly the same as before it really became old.

With all the criticism I honestly have to say it has stayed in my head for the past couple of years really hard. I think I've thought about the season at least once in a week after it ended. I thought about it just a couple of days ago. And I've enjoyed thinking about it!


Tears in the rain
May 28, 2013
I did think, and still do think it was absolutely brilliant. They essentially let Lynch, be maximum Lynch with no limits. That's what you get, when you give David Lynch of all people, full freedom. Was it what I expected? No. But as a work, from a director I admire and whose style I adore, it could be his magnum opus.
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Noboru Wataya

Bored at work, horned up to the gills
Jul 8, 2016
Northern Ireland, UK
Love the first two series of twin peaks, warts and all. Only watched half of season 3 and fell off. I’ll probably give it another go as I wasn’t in the right mindset when it first came out. Own it on Blu Ray so no big excuse not to jump in again.


Sep 4, 2018
I loved it from start to finish. Episode 3 was my favorite, starting off like Eraserhead, ending up Mr Magoo Goes to Vegas. When the smoke started pouring out the electrical socket and I realized what was happening I got so excited and happy.

He ended season 2 on the craziest possible cliffhanger and IMO they pulled off the impossible w this series. I love the ending so much, how it gives you the resolution you want, the FBI agent finally bringing home Laura, but it’s all wrong. Really underlines that trauma can’t be erased. Thematically I felt it was a very respectful send off to Laura’s character.

Dougie forever
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Apr 19, 2018
It was enjoyable but so much is wrong with it as far as ruining characters and building up so much for a lot of nothing.