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RTx 4080 | Review Thread


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  • Excellent power efficiency
  • Fantastic 4K performance
  • DLSS 3 support
  • Solid ray tracing performance
  • Large and bulky
  • Not as good of a value as the RTX 4090


Techspot - 9/10

From a hardware and performance point of view, the GeForce RTX 4080 is downright fantastic. However, we live in challenging times; with a war close to the EU border and soaring energy prices, life has become much more challenging and expensive. That does make products like those shown today harder to support; then again, we can't blame NVIDIA for the state of the world in 2022. We hope to see affordable low-energy products sooner rather than later from NVIDIA. As a piece of hardware all by itself, we can only applaud the 4080. The ADA GPU architecture can perform skillfully and excellently. A good chunk of extra shader cores brings in nearly 1.5x raw shader performance and even better Raytracing and Tensor core performance. Underlying technologies like Shader Execution Reordering (SER) and DLSS 3.0 make the new product and Series 4000 shine. The GeForce RTX 4080 offers staggering numbers. Starting at $1199, however, it's very expensive. If you have the wallet leniency and play games in Ultra HD or, at the very least, start at a monitor resolution of 2560x1440, we can't argue that it'll be a great addition towards any enthusiast-class gaming rig. Take Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 combined with DLSS 3.0, you can fly at 100+ FPS in the highest resolutions. Cyberpunk at UHD with raytracing and DLSS3 quickly passes 100 FPS. This purebred Ultra HD card shines in that area, whether shading (regularly rendered games) or hybrid ray-tracing + DLSS3 is used. Compared to the mighty 4090, this still is a more economical product series offering enormous performance. In closing, the RTX 4080 impresses and will keep you happy for years to come, but at a high cost and despite excellent perf per watt, with relatively high energy consumption levels. Never has built a new game PC been this expensive, but never have things been this fast.
The Verge - 7/10
The RTX 4080 is a more than capable card at 4K and easily outperforms the previous RTX 30-series cards it’s here to replace, but if you’re willing to spend the extra $400, then the RTX 4090 really outshines it at 4K. The gap is much less at 1440p, which is where the 4080 really shines for high refresh rate gaming.
IGN - 8/10
Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4080 offers impressive performance levels worthy of its $1,199 price tag – and that’s before you enable DLSS 3 and kick frame rates into overdrive.
DigitalTrends: 3.5/5.0
The Nvidia RTX 4080 has plenty of performance, but for the price, it falls too far below the RTX 4090.



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When I saw the benchmarks for 4090 and now 4080 I thought the 90 is quite a bit better for how I'll be using it, ie native 4K, but it'll be too expensive so I'll get the 4080.

Now even the 4080 is stupid price in the UK and 4090 is super stupid so it's pushed me to just buy nothing because if I'm paying 1500+ then its silly to not pay the extra for the 4090 but then it's a price I don't want to encourage as being acceptable.

I'll wait for 4080 TI and see if it's close to 4090 and prices have dropped but if not I'll just keep enjoying my PS5 and pick up an older card or more likely wait until 2024 and get something then.

Maybe if my job continues as it has, buy right now that's just too far outside whats reasonable for me to pay with how much I make (if i want to do many things in my life other than gaming) and that's never even been close to an issue with gaming my whole life.

It's all 4K's fault! :messenger_tears_of_joy:
These people are out of touch clowns if they think the 4090 is the better value. Even if it has superior performance per dollar we are still talking about $1600 but I suppose when you l are given free gear and play the best hardware, you’re not exactly in touch with the normal gamer.
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