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Rumor: Bethesda will announce Skyrim remaster at E3


Didn't Dark Souls 1 come out at around the same time as Skyrim, in that time we've had 3 more souls games.


Just making a prettier version of the same game wouldn't make me want to purchase it again, but we'll see if that's all.


Wie auch im Vorjahr wird Bethesda auf der kommenden E3 in Los Angeles eine eigene Pressekonferenz veranstalten. Wie der selbsternannte Brancheninsider »Shinobi602« behauptet, wird uns dort angeblich eine Ankündigung eines Skyrim-Remakes präsentiert. Die HD-Remastered-Version des Elder-Scrolls-Rollenspiels soll seinen Informationen nach für PS4 und Xbox One erscheinen.

Funny..... being a gaming mag and not knowing what the difference is between a Remaster and a Remake. Shit is getting annoying.
Will probably buy because I'm a sucker.

But needs mod support and it needs to look and run significantly better than it did at launch. Needs to be 60fps.

I'm guessing it will not though because it's Bethesda.


No thanks. I want red dead
What does Red Dead has to do with Bethesda ?

Hi shinobi

Poor Shinobi.
He didn't specifically say it, just that it would be an Bethesda title that will get a remaster.
The site is not even giving that thing 5 seconds of research.
They claimed that Shinobi said it on HIS own podcast show, instead of being just a guest on another.
Meh, don't care. I've already played it, I care little to play a game again just because it looks nicer.

You better not have your own conference to talk about the success of Fallout and Doom, then announce this. New IP please, future police or some shit.
GTFO!!?!? I wish I could be hype about this for myself by my dad is going to scream. I would have preferred a new Skyrim but I hope that is not off the table. Please Bethesda😭


If real what would be likely enhancements? Textures, mod support, etc?

I put so many hours into Skyrim and thoroughly enjoyed it, but not sure a purely graphical upgrade would bring me back.


Ask me about the moon landing or the temperature at which jet fuel burns. You may be surprised at what you learn.
Bethesda has a great track record with remasters such as Dishonored Definitive Edition.


It's real

Dragon Punch making a big insider debut today, folks.

mods, all dlc, improved visuals
Holy fuck yes yesyesyesyyruaufhHv;J'WEJgej;ioegie4w[tuOIGJ
So... No reason to buy if you already have it on PC with mods, right?

Edit: oops, no mention of a PC version. That makes sense.


Aaaaaaand... Bought.

PC Version? Not like the PC version really NEEDS it, but, you know.

Dude.... I can't even wonder how it can get better than some enb's I've seen but whatever. I LOVE me some Skyrim ,but unless the price is phenomenal, I would just prefer Skyrim bc announced immediately following. So frigging tired of remasters of recent memory games...
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