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Rumor: Both AMD and Nvidia set to launch their next-gen graphic cards in september


This is the most recent rumor regarding the launch of next-generation gaming graphics. The Taiwanese media outlet DigiTimes claims that AMD and NVIDIA are both expected to launch their next-generation GPUs in September.

With AMD and Nvidia set to launch their next-generation GPUs in September, graphics cards vendors are expected to cut prices for older-generation products, stimulating demand further in third-quarter 2020.
– DigiTimes

Only interested in the xx60 series cards which I thought I saw wouldn’t release until Q1.

I’ll never be a flagship card person, you are outdated just as quickly but you spent 3-4x the money. Still interested though in seeing them.

Sold my last build in January for some extra money for my trip to Japan in April 😑 and that obviously went well. It’s fine though, my main platform is PS anyway.
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gimme dat Cyberpunk 2077 with RTX 3080Ti Raytrace in 4k at 27fps

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This will be the first time in a long while where we're going to have proper competition in the high end market.


AMD's 505mm2 chip should be at around 2080Ti + 30%, this will cause ripples no matter what.

Interesting twist was rumors stating that lower end cards will not have RT cores at all.

Can't wait to see them, but I imagine poor AMD getting crushed again in performance.

With similarly sized chips is not going to happen. (cya, Raja, make Intel great again)
For oversized halo products that go over $1k AMD might be still missing in action.
For anything below that, including xx80 tier cards, Lisa will do some Leather Man Butt Kicking.

I'm sorry if I used concepts that you feel uncomfortable with.
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I badly want to upgrade for CP2077 just to max it out from the get go but tbh it's not going to be pushing RT too much and we don't know anything about DLSS support (or results) yet. A lot is going to hinge on those two, but if they don't release GPUs before that game releases, then I'm less likely to just splurge on the x80 Ti/Big Navi.


Three new architectures coming around then! Granted at launch it's not going to be a dedicated card I don't think, DG1 was just a software development aid.



Highly doubt prices ate going to fall that much, if any. RTX 2060s have continued to go for $300+, RTX 2070s for $500+, etc. and still manage to sell. Nvidia has no incentive to drop the price, unless amd drops something incredible (but generally speaking, they tend to under deliver). We'll be lucky if whatever amd has exceeds the RTX 2080 ti by a y sizable margin.


Really looking forward to AMD putting some pressure on Nvidia.
My card is currently a 970, because it was the best value by far when I got it, which was surprising as I usually go ATI/AMD.
I agree with some posters above that I don't see prices dropping significantly and the best value when these new cards drop will likely still be buying a Xbox Series X (even if it's $500-600).
Either consumer cards are heavily overpriced, or console makers lose a lot of money, because the XSX is supposed to be between a 2080 Super and a 2080 Ti, and those are $700-1000 (like what?).

Then you also have to consider the diminishing returns in resolution, and does playing games about 60 FPS really matter (especially if you have a freesync/gsync). It's really hard to justify dropping enormous amounts of money for things you'll either won't notice much of a difference or consoles could do for a fraction of the cost. Like I said, if AMD can make the value proposition of GPU PC gaming more attractive I may just end up building a new PC sooner rather than later.
No thanks I'll wait at least one or two years after the next gen consoles release then buy a new graphics card and demolish ps 5/series performance by far

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Damn. Was really hoping for something this summer. Probably in for a 3080 Ti, but still excited to see what AMD brings to the table.
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the 3080 and especially the 3080 ti will demolish both
Right but consoles gen range from 5-7 years I would rather wait and get something better. I plan on buying a ps 5 for exclusives and thirds (it will probably run better, I suppose, than on my rig with an I7 / 1080 ti) then upgrade my pc
I have a ultrawide computer which max resolution is a bit lower than 4k but I'm actually excited as the picture is already great and it will leave some leaverage for my gpu instead of running on full 4k
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