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RUMOR: Capcom Prepping Dino Crisis Reboot? (OXM UK)


Apparently the newest issue of The Official Xbox Magazine UK says that capcom is preparing a reboot to Dino Crisis that will be unveiled later this year. Not much more information than that was shared in the issue. Gotta say as much as I want this news to be real, I have my doubts. There's been a few rumors in the past stating as much that amounted to nothing. Though I wouldn't be a fan if I didn't at least hold a single thread of hope. If this is indeed real I have a feeling it'll be another third party effort. Since I believe all of Capcom's internal teams are currently working on other projects. I suppose they could go a RE6 route, internal with a lot of outside help handling different aspects....but we all know how that went.

Couldn't find any English Sites to use as a source, but a lot of european sites have been posting the story. Went with the site with the most validity.


Yes! F2P



That would be interesting. After a gen full of zombie games shooting some dinosaurs would be a quite welcome change.

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could be xbox exclusive if oxm is talking bout it.

could make a huge uproar like bayonetta 2 lol
That would be great. I only ever played the first Dino Crisis, but it was good stuff back in the day; proper panic-inducing. Would love to see the series make a comeback.


Man, I hope they use the RE 6 engine.

Why would they use MT Framework when they have a new engine for current gen?

This just sounds so unlikely. It has been so long since the last Dino Crisis and they basically ruined it themselves with DC3.
Even with the state of Capcom/Resident Evil, I'm all for this. This could become the action series whilst Resi could lean back towards horror.


If they do it right (i.e. develop it internally and not outsorce to western devs) this should be awesome. I just bought original xbox to plat Dino Crisis 3 and I'd love to see new game on next gen.

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I'll be interested in it, horror or action. Of course hoping more for a horror route, but we shall see.


Huge fan of the first two, despite how different they are. DC1 had one of the best underwater levels I've ever had the pleasure of playing.

Would absolutely love to see it make a comback on PS4/XB1.


If it's Japanese, I'll take one.

If it's another in the long line of franchises that met their end in Capcom's Western outsourcing abattoir, then no thanks.


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I'm sure this will be of the same high quality as recent Capcom classics like Lost Planet 3 and Resident Evil 6.


I hope this will be for current-gen only. I loved the first Dino Crisis and I have been wanting this series to come back for quite some time. Hopefully they'll do it good with co-op like RE5.
A Dino Crisis in the vein of the post RE4 games would be nice. Hell, it's arguably suited to that style more than RE is. Dino Crisis 2 was already kinda halfway there by switching focus to action.
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