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[RUMOR] Dark Souls 3 to be announced at E3 ( with Miyazaki directing )

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Namco will announce Dark Souls 3 at E3, a source familiar with the matter has told VG247.

In news guaranteed to delight fans of the series, Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne director Hidetaka Miyazaki is again heading the team.

Miyazaki, the father of the Souls series, moved onto a supervisory role for Dark Souls 2. Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura co-directed the sequel.

The platform to be used for the announcement is as yet unknown, but our source guessed the title may come during Sony’s E3 press conference on the Californian evening of Monday, June 15.

We received no specific details of the game itself.

Dark Souls 2 settled two points higher on Metacritic than the original, but some fans and reviewers disparaged the sequel over the fairness of its approach to Souls’ trademark ultra-hard difficulty level.

Series-watchers may be shocked at the announcement’s timing: Sony dev boss Shuhei Yoshida confirmed in late May that Bloodborne is to be expanded, and that more details will be announced “later this year”.

E3 takes place in Los Angeles on the week commencing June 15. We’ve reached out to Namco for comment.




This is the wrong thread. The thread about which game at E3 will break GAF is separate from this.

Epic when true.


So he literally directed two different games at once with completely different art direction/lore/story/combat and enemies?

Miyazaki's a genius but I'm not buying that at all.
Not a huge surprise. Love the series and will lap up any more of it, but with Bloodborne this year and Dark Souls 2 the year before, it could have maybe done with a slight breather to avoid IP fatigue.
It's obviously going to happen, but I wasn't expecting it quite this soon. Could take some heat away from Bloodborne DLC.


I'd rather see a Demon's Souls 2 or a Bloodborne 2, seeing how Demon's and Blood are my favorites, above the Dark Souls series.


Not really surprising to be honest. The Souls games are thriving. I wonder how this will affect Bloodborne's DLC and possible sequel.


If true I guess it's not coming out any time soon? I mean Bloodborne was released just 3 months ago.
If true, it means -> No Bloodborne 2

For the record: A Bloodborne 2 without Miyazaki (or with the Dark Souls 2 team) = Flush it straight down the toilet, please.


Can't wait to see what it WONT look like upon release...

It's nice to know that the man is back to cap off the trilogy, I'm sure it will be frigging awesome.


Wouldn't surprise me since it seems Bamco want more of that Souls money after Bloodborne.

That said I honestly would rather want a new environmental shift for the Souls genre. Would be cool if From adopted some of their sci-fi sensibilities from Armored Core/Metal Wolf and made a dystopian future type of Souls game.


Hopefully it stays Dark Souls 3 instead of becoming more like Bloodborne with a Dark Souls coat of paint.

Don't get me wrong because I really enjoy Bloodborne, but it is its own thing, and honestly I really prefer the huge variety the Dark Souls games provide in relation to Bloodborne's (honestly) really limited gameplay variety.
They announced Dark Souls 2 way too early. I hope they dont make the same mistake with 3.

The Souls team just finished SOTFS and Bloodborne just finished. I dont see how this would be worth revealing now
They've been pounding out these titles at a pretty rapid pace at this point but I'm not yet fatigued, though I haven't yet play Bloodborne.


Isn't it a little too soon to announce it now if Miyazaki directing! He just finished Bloodborne, while the other team finished DS2's DLCs just few months before that! Who was making what ever they're going to show?...

Some CG outsourcing studio probably. :(


Wouldn't be surprised if DaS3 will be announced, but with Miyazaki at the helm? He and his team Bloodborne just finished (and they're working on DLC for it too), it's pretty much impossible for him to be working on another Souls title that's ready to be revealed.
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