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Rumor: Dishonored II teaser image and hashtag for a reveal 3+ months away leaked?

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We are going to treat this is a rumor right now but man does this look legit. Dishonored 2.

Dishonored had a lot of rich history to work with and it is no surprise that the guys at Arkane and Bethesda are revisiting that well. The image above leaked and promises a bigger reveal at E3 this year. It comes with the strange hashtag, #DarknessofTyvia. The only thing that is for sure is that in the bottom right you can see a Dualshock 4 lightbar which all but confirms the appearance on Playstation 4.

More as this story develops.

Well, I was the first person to publish this image. I just received a tip via email, not sure how to check its veracity.


Dishonored 2 E3-Event

That might be of interest for you. Cant tell my sources. Your choice.

--- xxx@aol.de

You just randomly got an email from a guy? Did you ever get an email from this guy before?

Seems like someone just playing around.

No, it's the first time. I don't who he is.

Hmmm the guy has contacted me again


Dishonored E3-Event - FULL PRESENTATION

Hi there,

I knew you would be man to talk to about what i saw about a week ago. Just so you know, what I gave you was part of an internal presentation of Bethesdas E3 2014 coverage.

Dishonored 2: Darkness of Tyvia is their only "new" title to be revealed at E3.

The whole presentation about D2 is now here as PNG-file. Check the attachment. We saw this as part of an interactive Powerpoint Presentation (more infos when they clicked on the fields, videos, etc)



Real or not, I wouldn't be surprised to see this announced at E3. This was my personal GotY for 2012, so I'd love to see it.


Hmmm.. I hope this is real. Curiously looks legit. I enjoyed the first one. They definitely have a lot to build on. But current gen only please. :)


Is that a DS4's blue light at the bottom right?

edit - ah it was mentioned in OP, I skimmed that


Oh man, it really does have that official look to it. Even is this turns out to be fake, the guy who made that did a damn good job.


Oh god, it's one of those "i've took a picture of a screen at a jaunty angle" leaked images...i want it to be real. But seriously, how many times have we seen this.


Ninny Prancer
Oh man, too bad they couldn't get a photo of anything but a logo! It's almost like that's the easiest thing to produce!


secret reveal... with a hashtag to use on twitter so you can advertise the game that got secretly revealed. makes perfect sense.
Even if this is fake I have no doubt that a sequel is in development.

Oh a sequel will be in the works. First game did amazingly well and Bethesda's already said the IP has legs. Deserved too as I like what I've played of DH1.

But yeah, that image is, in all likelihood, fake.
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