Rumor: Final Fantasy VII Remake coming to Switch, gameplay to be shown at E3.

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I am someone who said FF7 on Switch woukd never happen. Too HD, Switch isn't powerful enough.

I've instantly changed my mind. Square follows the market.
Isn't Dystify on GAF?

If he didn't post this there, then I don't think you should have. It's obvious he's not completely confident about this 'rumor'.
Seriously? Pretty sure rumors based on twitter aren't allowed here...

If I wanted it to be a GAF thread I would've made one myself. I'd only create that if I was 100% certain though.
If it's even coming no way the Switch version is shown at this E3. A bit after part 1 has released sure but not before because of the PS4 timed exclusivity.
More of a reason not to buy it then. Means graphically and performance wise will be scaled back to work on the switch. Oh maybe they should finished it before talking about releasing it else where.
Obviously this is just a rumor and business deals change all the time, but I thought Sony was touting how this was a timed-console exclusive. Seems odd if that is still the case too allow them to show off the Switch version before the PS4 version launches, unless being a hybrid the Switch isn't considered a "console" under the contract.
maybe targeting a lower spec could mean Square could release part one this side of 2020.

Or ya know. A PC version port for lulz.

Anyway serious talk. Who is this dude and what is his trackrecord?
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