Rumor: GFK Market Research Survey about Nintendo NX leaked

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I'm guessig up to 1080p, but 900p will be the standard for most games.
Also sensor bar is a bit worrying to me. Don't want any more waggle controls.
Why would Nintendo bother to implement 4K support specifically for video streaming? They don't care about media playback features... or they didn't until now.
900p? Damn NXbox, why you do this to me.
That's not a hardware limitation. Some Xbox One/PS4 games run at 900/30p, others at 1080/60. All depends on how far they're pushing the tech they've got.

I can see a game like Zelda running at 900p. But you can just as easily see SMB running at 1080p/60.
900p/60fps is a pretty weird specification to put in a survey like this.

I mean, if that's Nintendo's internal target, I guess most of their games in a given generation run at the same framerate/resolution as opposed to some publishers like EA, but it seems like kind of an odd distinction.

Nothing else here seems to stick out beyond what we already expected.
They list a sensor bar but no power adapter?

Also even Wii U never listed 720p games. It had an upscaler like other consoles for 1080p. Why would they list specific resolutions?
Would nintendo really do 900p? That's super suspect. They don't have the best IQ but to my knowledge they've at least had the decency to use standard resolutions thus far.

Also there's no way "donkey kong" would make that list. Gotta assume fake. And as hilariously out of touch as Nintendo has been (and they're improving) I doubt they'd list video calls and surfing the web on your TV features, not after the Wii U/Xbone situations.
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