Rumor: Hidetaka Miyazaki (FromSoftware) and Kentaro Miura (Beserk) working on collab

Update: It appears it was lost in translation?

Take this with a grain of salt. A user in the Berserk subreddit posted an article linking to his blog (with pictures and a signature) about how he got to meet both Miyazaki and Miura. I'm in mobile so unfortunately I can't really share the pictures...but this will be absolutely huge, if true. Would it be a game though? An actual, good Berserk game perhaps? New IP?

Link to Reddit post as well...:
If legit, a bit funny that it seems like the rumor starter was trying to build a business connection with Miyazaki and turns around and leaks info online (obviously no NDAs but still)


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It most likely won't be anything berserk related. Maybe they're making a game that has Miura designing some creatures, characters or environments etc. All kinds of reasons to not do a game based on an existing property.
Doesn't this fit into one of the three projects FromSoft is doing? Specifically the one that is a dark fantasy RPG but different from dark souls....could be interesting if it's not pure bullshit.