Rumor: Is Wii Mini going to see a launch outside of Canada?

I was actually thinking of buying one of these soon and putting it in the closet to resell one day since I figured Nintendo would've announced an international release by now. Guess I'll just continue to wait and see.
No. Their FY Forecast for the next 12 months starting April will show they expect less than 2.5m Wii's WW, maybe 2m. Year after, discontinued.
and does anybody want it?
Well, Wii Mini was a good idea but it should have launched 2 years ago. Now the Wii is dead. The Wii U is out. I personally don't think that it's going to launch, but I still found it odd that there was a listing of it on the site. And the listing must be recent.
Even Nintendo should be ashamed of this piece of shit. It shouldn't be released outside. The Wii is already basically the same size, except it does a lot more. Which is remarkable considering how little the Wii does to begin with.


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Looks like the only thing "mini" about it are it's features.
BTW it's $90 right now.

EDIT: Maybe the $90 price was last week.
It likely has a much higher profit margin so I'd expect it to probably phase out current Wii models at some point soon in western markets. Wii still does relatively good business as a low cost casual/family machine, and a $99 Wii mini seems well suited for continuing that. It also helps draw more of a distinction from Wii U than the normal Wii does (visually, functionally and branding wise).
Oh yeah bring it worldwide, I can't wait to not buy it.

This is really one of the weirdest thing that came out from Nintendo's mind since long. And ho boy Nintendo knows a lot about weird things.
this is the dumbest thing nintendo has made in a minute. maybe it will be worth something in the future because its so dumb.
Since it's an end of life cycle variant, a lot less of them are probably going to be made, making them rarer, and therefor more expensive in the second hand market years down the line, just like the NES Toploader or the SNES mini.
could this mean that they plan to release it on Europe and probably on US?
UK/EU is a possibility, but they wouldn't be dumb enough to release it in the U.S. The Wii is the Netflix box for a lot of people. It's its "killer app" to keep it still hooked up to the TV. If they got rid of Netflix for a U.S. (i.e. the only place Netflix really matters currently) release, it would damage the brand too much (in "normal" people's eyes).


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Like others have said, I'm not sure if confusing the UK Market further at this point is a good idea. (That red edging definitely looks like a letter U.)
Any money spent advertising the Wii Mini should be spent on the Wii U.
No. Their FY Forecast for the next 12 months starting April will show they expect less than 2.5m Wii's WW, maybe 2m. Year after, discontinued.
and does anybody want it?
I hate turning on my Wii. The second I finish the Wii game I'm playing right now I'm switching to Dolphin.
What's with these 'no' answers?

Then again, the question is pretty much rhetorical, they're putting it on the UK website so it would be very surprising if it was cancelled at this point, and I can't imagine they accidentally added the product to the wrong country's website. Good find, Qurupeke.
Does the Wii Mini have GameCube BC? If so I'll take it.
No, it has no online and no BC.
There is someone at the N quarters whose bad ideas have been getting too much space lately.

Maybe the creator of the Wii Mini was the same genious who came up with the name Wii U. Throw another irrelevant suffix into the game just to confuse people even more...
I dont see a wii mini section on the uk site?
already removed?
Highlight Wii and Wii mini is one of the links that appears below. It only works from some pages, unless it's that's just something in my cache. It works from the home page, Wii U and 3DS pages, but not the Wii page itself.

Unless this broken link is something that's been there for ages, which I doubt, I expect to see this quietly announced on Monday.
Put WiFi and Wii Shop Channel back, have Wii Sports pre-installed and keep the Nintendo Selects line alive in retail as Wii U games that "Also works with Wii", and you might have a product worth selling.