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[RUMOR] Major Pokémon Switch Details Leaked, Reveal Coming This Month


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Cutting to the real deal:
November 16, 2018

Pokémon Quest - available now (free) for the Switch, later on smartphones

2019 will have other game - probably 8th gen
Gamnesia said:
In a recent blog post, Emily Rogers (who has accurately leaked info before) indicated that the mystery Pokémon game will be unveiled sometime this month. Perhaps a Nintendo Direct is incoming? She also indicated that Game Freak and Nintendo have paid close attention to the success of Pokémon GO, which will impact the future of the main series. She ended the post by suggesting that the names and general branding for the new games (two versions at launch, as is Game Freak's custom) will "raise a few eyebrows." Liam Robertson, formerly of Unseen64, also indicated that he expects the reveal to be divisive.

The story doesn't end there, but it does get a lot more spoilery from here on out. An image has surfaced suggesting that the twin Pokémon Switch games will be titled "Pokémon Let's Go! Pikachu" and "Pokémon Let's Go! Eevee." If true, that would jive with what both Rogers and Robertson have said. Of course, it could also just be a follow-up to existing rumors.

For more info, check out: https://www.gamnesia.com/news/rumor-major-pokemon-switch-details-leaked-reveal-coming-this-month

Eurogamer (PT-PT) also posted: https://www.eurogamer.pt/articles/2...o-pikachu-e-eevee-sao-os-novos-jogos-na-serie

Edit 2:
Nintendoeverything said:
– Pikachu and Eevee versions [inspired by Pokémon Yellow]
– Red and Blue play a role in the story
– You and your rival are new trainers
– Following Pokemon return
– HMs still replaced with Pokeride from Alola
– Online has a hub for players
– GO integration
– Catching Pokemon works like in GO
– Rewards in game and in GO for linking the two together
– New accessory can be used with both GO and the games
– Announcement soon, releasing this year

Edit 3:
4chan said:
>Like Go's first release, only Kanto pokemon will be available in Let's GO.
Not really the 150 pokémons, but those within and their evolution - like Elekid, Porygon 2, evolutions of Eevee... maybe Alola forms?

Edit 4:
Project Eevee account says "Prepare for Tomorrow" said:
This mid-morning in the US (or late at night in Game Freak's headquarters in Japan), Project Eevee tweeted out a screenshot from Heart Gold / Soul Silver of the character being told the late time. It's a lovely little "good night" post from the account, but the message also says "Let's rest slowly and prepare for tomorrow." Is this just a generic message encouraging fans to get a good night sleep, or is Project Eevee preparing for tomorrow with good reason?

Edit 5:
Serebii said:
Japanese Variety Show, Oha Suta, to share "shocking" Pokémon news on May 31st 2018, which is listed as "a moment a new story begins". This episode is due to air at 07:05 JST on Thursday May 31st 2018. At present it's not clear what the news is but we'll provide full details as they come.
Edit @ 10:50: TV Tokyo's website for Oha Suta's episode on Thursday has removed the description of "Shocking Pokémon news" & "a moment a new story begins" and has replaced it with "Full of Pokémon Information"

Edit 6:
The Sun said:
Pokemon Quest features new 'Pokecell' versions of traditional Pokemon -- full Switch game to come in 2019
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Jfc. Hyperbeam me if true.


Only time will tell i guess. Maybe this will be pokemon Go deluxe, and the REAL mainline pokemon is still in the pipe.
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Pokemon lets go? Does the switch have any location capabilities ? Still, excited to play a pokemon, specially on the switch. I've only played the originals.
"Pokemon Let's Go". Yeah sure.

If this happens I'll eat my own hat. Yes the one with the P on it.

ED: Maybe as a children's (yes, more so) gaiden game.
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What a bummer. I genuinely believed all the 4chan/ reddit rumors. They said it would based off of south east Asian culture and that the story would revolve around two serpent legendries, one good and one bad. Rumored to have been called Pokémon You and Me. But this makes the most sense for Nintendo to capitalize on Pokémon Go's success.
I retired from Pokémon after Hoenn, where I successfully (and completely) finished the Pokédex. I’m interested to see if a Switch iteration could reel me back in, but anything in the vein of Pokémon Go won’t. But, TBH, I’m not the person Nintendo should be concerning itself over.
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I’d be curious as to how a Pokémon Go type game could work on the Switch - with no cellular how could you possibly walk around in the real world catching Pokémon? I REALLY hope they aren’t going to make a dumbed down Pokémon game where it is like a simulated version of Go. Please no.


Pokemon lets go? Does the switch have any location capabilities ? Still, excited to play a pokemon, specially on the switch. I've only played the originals.

I don't think so, maybe it's just a reference to bringing your switch with you to link up with other switch users locally.
Maybe link up to the Nintendo Online/PokemonGo/brand new custom app on your phone.
Release a GPS adapter, probably slim chance but they do seem to get preferential treatment with regards to coming up with gimmicky hardware for their games.


I don't think so, maybe it's just a reference to bringing your switch with you to link up with other switch users locally.
Maybe link up to the Nintendo Online/PokemonGo/brand new custom app on your phone.
Release a GPS adapter, probably slim chance but they do seem to get preferential treatment with regards to coming up with gimmicky hardware for their games.
Maybe the Switch online phone app could provide location. The switch also doens't have rest mode functionality like street pass...So its would only be via direct connection.
I can't trust 'Emily Rogers' with her dubious leaks, PixelPar is much more convincing but if this is real, I hope that Game Freak do an overhaul in the base stats, from all Pokémon.


Pokemon Let's Go ? What a horrible name. It reminded me of Hey You, Pikachu !

Reading this stuff made me think that they are trying to do a Pokemon Go for Switch and I hope that its just my understanding.


A proper Pokémon game would be the only thing that could make me buy a Switch. However I have my doubts when it comes to Nintendos and Game Freaks plans for the Switch version.

I think it will be hard to please all fans out there. For instance you have the nostalgic players (such as myself) who would like a more traditional experience based on the hardware capacity Switch can offer. There's also have a bunch of kids that are new to the franchise, GF must consider their preferences aswell because they will be buying the games for the next decade or so. Then we have the Pokémon GO success that makes me think Nintendo might go for a more casual approach than we would like. It's only three examples of consumer groups that have different expectations but it might be enough give Nintendo/GF some wierd ideas on how to execute this.

I'm just speculating of course but I think GF might deliver something that doesn't really still the hunger for a 'real' Pokémon console game. Really hope I'm wrong though.


Pokemon Let's Go, followed by Pokemon Come At Me Bro and Pokemon Dude, I Wasn't Even Fucking Looking at Her.


That "leak" made me think of a lot of things, like, imagine if on Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu you play as a trainer , who chose Pikachu as the starter and on Let's Go Eevee, you play as some trainer that receive a Eevee from your uncle which have some influence as a professor.

Pokemon Red / Blue remake confirmed.


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Doesn't sound very exciting but I guess we have to wait and see.

Hopefully it's just some optional features involving Pokemon Go like being able to transfer one of your pokemon to your Go account and level him up or something like that. There's little about Pokemon Go I'd like to see implemented in a regular Pokemon game.

At least with no mobile Internet and no GPS feature it's very unlikely they'll take too much from GO


Rumors of a game we will inevitably get and a name change that effects absolutely nothing... Call it Pokemon Give Us Money and Pokemon Give Us More Money, I don't care.

I'm doubtful it would have anything to do with Go, just influenced by; Go is big but their mainline series is too big not to stay traditional. I expect it to be in line with basically every other main game.
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Pokemon after the Gameboy (GBA) era just got too bloated/complex and lost its magic IMHO
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Do you guys remember Pokemon Dream Radar for 3DS ? Where you use the camera to search for pokemon ? It would be horrible if they incorporate this kind of stuff on the Switch version.


Saw that some time ago, but it's from Emily Rogers who's been wrong very often as well iirc. So I'd take this with a few dozen kegs of salt tbh.

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It's Emily Rogers, so if I were you I'd keep my expectations in check.

This. She spouts a lot of garbage that is completely false, but people for some reason hang on to the very few times she is right.

I am going to consider most of this with a mountain of salt by my side as this just seems like another baseless rumor from Rogers.
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I've bought every main line Pokemon game released. If this game is anything like Pokemon Go on Switch, it'll be the first time I pass on a Pokemon game.


This sounds terrible. I don't want to go back to Kanto. I'm so sick of the gen one pandering. Oh well I'll wait till the full reveal before I get to upset.


If true then I'm #TeamEevee all the way

What's there below OP's edit2 sounds okay really, even if it means it's not much of a new generation and there will hardly be new Pokémon (my favourite part of new Pokémon games).
I don't mind a fully 3D take on Kanto either. I haven't seen the latest Pokémon movie, but the retelling of Ash's start had monsters from gens way later too, right? I bet it wouldn't just be gen1 encounters.
Figured they will try to incorporate Go one way or another, but I hope I can turn that off without missing out on too much. Same for the catching mechanic, let me just select menu commands on lazy days.
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Emily Rogers is like infinite apes eventually writing Shakespeare.

Its not even hard to guess a hand full of things.

And when the franchise is Pokemon you can practically guess everything


I don't know why people are getting upset. Clearly gonna be a game on the side if it's based around Go - probably just a more thought-out version of Go that actually works (trainer battles, story progression) etc.
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