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Rumor: MS launching Xbox One Mini in October (Truckloads of salt)



Tom Warren basically echoes these rumors sans the Xbox One Mini.

Microsoft is planning to hold a massive hardware launch event in October. Sources familiar with Microsoft's plans tell The Verge that the software giant will use the event to unveil two new Lumia handsets, the Surface Pro 4, and a Microsoft Band 2. Chinese site WPDang first reported details of Microsoft's plans, and we can confirm there will be an event to launch multiple new hardware devices.

Microsoft is also planning one or two hardware surprises for the event, we're told. WPDang claims there may be a slimmer Xbox One, but a lack of rumors around Microsoft's console plans suggest this is unlikely.


Now Chinese blog WPDang reports that their sources suggest we may see Microsoft launch a range of new hardware in October, ranging from the Lumia 940 and 940 XL to a new Surface Pro 4, new Band 2 fitness wearable and also a new Xbox One Mini console.

Of the Surface Pro 4 WPDang suggests it may use Intel’s new Skylake processor, and of the Xbox One Mini, they believe it may drop Blu-ray playback functionality and become a much smaller, quieter device about 1/3 the size of the current behemoth.

Dropping Bluray drive? no way imho.
I don't understand the salt comment

I could see them doing an all digital x1, I'd buy one if I was in the market for one

Also I'm waiting for a Windows flagship phone, my creaky old moto g needs replaced


Is the bluray player taking that much space?

I don't understand the salt comment

I could see them doing an all digital x1, I'd buy one if I was in the market for one

Took me a while to understand it was not about people being salty but that the rumor was to take with multiple grains of salt.


Cock Strain, Lifetime Warranty
given that I already have a BR player and am a proponent of the digital revolution, I'd be interested in a cheaper, digital-only XB1.


No bluray is kinda odd considering they are pushing 360 bc unless they mean no Blu ray funcionality. I'd buy it tho since I'm all digital


I'll be dropping my first album in October too.



Been putting off an Xbone purchase since I don't want another monster console taking up space, already have a PS4 for blu ray and I'm all digital anyway so this sounds perfect for me. I was planning to hold off for another year or so since I really don't need another console but if this is true I could see grabbing one for Tomb Raider.


So a diskless X1?

Depending on how big the hard-drive is and if its a good price (250$), then I might consider getting this then :).

A cheap box to play select Microsoft exclusives that I really want to play (Rare Replay, Killer Instinct, Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, Sunset Overdrive) while a future PS4 to play everything else I want :D.


Why truckloads of salt?
The phrase "with a pinch of salt" means take caution in believing it. This rumour requires more than a pinch (truckload, if you will) of salt because there's some things which just won't happen (e.g. lack of bluray drive/digital only.)


How much quieter can the Xbox One get? It's already completely silent, with the exception of the "blip-blip-blip" sounds when turned on or off.


Having a digital only SKU is fine so long as the standard SKU isn't going anywhere. Most if not all games are available digitally. Seems like a smart move in this day and age.

But I'm ready for the mountain of hyperbole.


You know what? I'd buy a mini Xbox One. The current one is too big for my media shelves, and if it was a GwG+digital machine, that'd work for me.
Depending on price, I'd go for this over the normal XBO when I do get one (which wouldn't be until late 2016 at the earliest), assuming it's got a good size HDD.


Never heard of the source + the fact they are suggesting dropping the BR Drive + chinese blog.

I forgot about the phrase 'take it with a grain of salt'. My mistake.

Also, I don't see a new box given the bundles that have been announced.


Even if my library is 100% digital, I find the bluray drive convenient to watch a movie from time to time...
I'd be curious to see if that supposed "Xbox mini" would still have the HDMI in. I think it would be a mistake to remove it, but then if they're going with minimal features you never know.

As for the rest, I already own more Surface devices than I can use. :p The band 2 could be interesting, I liked the concept of the first one. But then since I already wear a regular watch, I can't see myself with another object on my wrist.
That sounds slightly too soon for 16nm silicon, I doubt we're going to see major console revisions before they move to 16nm silicon.


So... no blu-ray drive or no blu-ray payback? Smaller Xbone seems like the obvious next step at least, especially since Sony's already doing HW revisions.
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