Rumor: New 3DS will double RAM and (nearly double) VRAM.


Nintendo confirmed that Miiverse and internet browsing will not work with Smash Bros on 3DS, but WILL on N3DS due to memory constraints. While this doesn't confirm the amount of RAM, it does confirm that N3DS will have more which corraborates with the information we have so far.

While working through the latest 3DS firmware updates, some coders were able to find some information possibly relating to the New 3DS.

Based on disassembly of certain sysmodules for code added/changed with in the 8.0.0-18 update, it appears that the "New 3DS" has the following changes:

  • They extended FCRAM from 128MB to 256MB.
  • They added another VRAM (?) of 4MB.

Going by the 8.0.0-18 update, which added support for the mem-regions listed above, it appears that the "New 3DS" will use the exact same system-titles as the original hardware(with a new system update at launch, for old/new hw, as both seem to use the same system-titles).
The regular 3DS has 128MB of standard RAM and 6MB of dedicated VRAM so this would be a rather large boost to the hardware besides the confirmed CPU boost (which is also likely 50-100% boost by examining current 3DS clock rates).

Since this is dug out of the latest firmware version but is not specifically labeled 'new 3ds' there is a small possibility that this is for something else, but the timing strongly indicates it.

(edit) Second rumor via Nintendomination, the source seems a lot muddier (unnamed 'developer') and it's displayed in a rather crummy way, so take this with a bit more grain of salt than the original information which was taken from the 3DS firmware itself.

I suppose this is a better thread for this.

Rumoured specs according to NintenDomination's Tilman

For those who can't see the video

New n3DS Codename = SNAKE
3x more CPU Clockspeed
RAM Speed Doubled
L2 Cache
GPU and VRAM are the same

There's a bit of contrast compared to what stated by the OP, isn't it? Fake/bogus/Tilman's creations...what do you think?

EDIT: To be honest, I think I could give more credit to the 3DSbrew guys, currently. XD
Amazing if true. So getting one. Only thing I don't like is the small right stick and the fact it is on top of the face buttons.
It would be amazing if Kid Icarus got patched and could be played on the new 3ds XL. I'd so replay it.
So a 3DSi?

I wonder if that means game would have toggles in menu or simply run better on an upgraded version. Or, like the DSi, have basically no appreciable impact whatsoever outside of apps.

edit - damn, site blocked at work
Yeah Xenoblade wouldn't just need a better CPU.
"better processor" is better to explain to a mainstream audience than RAM/VRAM and other architecture changes.
So this is a stop gap or is it a brand new handheld? They seem to be pussy footing around this issue.

I'll probably end up getting one for Xenoblade though. They know they've got me by the danglers...
I dont get it. Are they launching this as the real 3ds succesor or a stopgap revision? Better screens?
Definitely a stop gap, but it's possibly a much larger stop-gap than was first believed.

The difference between DS and DSi was 4x the ram and 2x the CPU speed. If the rumored specs are true for the new 3DS we're looking at something similar at 2x the ram and 2x the CPU.

Compare that to the generational leap between DS and 3DS and it's 32x more ram and 4x CPU.
That hurts a bit to see millions of systems becoming obsolete this way.

I'll wait for the Majora's Mask themed New 3DS or New 3DS XL to get one.

(or a New 2DS. HAHAHAHA)
Huh, would've liked higher given where we are with phones and stuff (though there's probably technicalities I don't know of), but I do think this may help solidify as to why the old 3DS is being "cut out" for some newer games.
The DSi had better cpu and more Ram as well.
I wonder if the upgrade is bigger, given that there were practically no DSi exclusive games? Or if Nintendo was disappointed by that and wants to make sure it actually happens this time by pushing out games like Xenoblade that highlight that difference.
My biggest question is if this means improved framerates on existing games which have unlocked framerates.

Either way, I am -super- hyped for this, even if only for the much improved 3D. If it's basically angle agnostic, there's no way I'll ever play anything outside of 3D.
Said it in another thread. This is probably the last dedicated handheld from Nintendo. This will hold then over until they are ready to reveal a combined home/handheld solution. The increase in other specs are only increasing my belief in this.
Compare that to the generational leap between DS and 3DS and it's 32x more ram and 4x CPU.
Not to mention going from single to duel core CPUs.

Going to have to agree with the stop gap idea though, no real update to the GPU, not even a clock rate boost (3DS's GPU is underclocked). Just a boost to the VRAM which will allow more out of it, but not much.

Still, with the new specs, how does the new 3DS stack up to the original XBOX/Wii?

is the screen being improved at all?

The 3D can be viewed at multiple angles, however, the resolution is exactly the same. Some people are even saying the quality is lower, but no one has the actual system so.


If all DLC came tied to $13 figurines, I'd consider all DLC to be free
Minecraft 3D possible? doubt it but it could really help getting some indie games on the system.
dat stopgap

isn't this good in a way? they could be waiting for some new architecture thingy for their next handheld instead of making do with current parts that they don't like.


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Hopefully this is true to help explain to people why Xenoblade, and other potential future exclusives, is in the position it's, or are in the position they're, currently in.
That hurts a bit to see millions of systems becoming obsolete this way.

I'll wait for the Majora's Mask themed New 3DS or New 3DS XL to get one.

(or a New 2DS. HAHAHAHA)
I just don't get it. If there are going to be a ton of games that require the new version, why not just go all out and put out the true successor to the 3DS. If there aren't going to be a bunch of game that take advantage of it, what's the point? This whole thing just seems weird to me. I am intrigued to see what comes of it, at least.
Something to keep in mind... The price difference (at this point in time) between 128MB chips they are currently using on 3DS and 256MB chips are probably next to nothing, likewise for the processor. Any additional costs probably come more from the (again rumored) larger battery and the R&D on the design itself.

Besides basic R&D and refitting costs, this is probably costing Nintendo practically nothing to upgrade their current production lines to it.