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Rumor: New MGS game by Konami?



If true it would be the funniest thing ever, i mean how many times he has said that hes not doing any more MG... 5 times??


If it is happening, I bet they'll get Hayter back.

Really the best thing to do would be to hand Platinum the keys to the series, and just continue with MGR.

The first hour of the game is an amazing action game, where you play as Raiden and it's constant crazy non-stop action.

Then after an hour everything changes and you have to play the rest of the game sneaking around as Snake.

Edit: Oh I watched the video now.


Why are you playing with peoples emotions OP? lol

This is a arcade machine but the video has a great CGI cutscene from MGS3


The industry's first! 32 inches full HD the entire surface of a liquid crystal mounted. The next generation of pachislot and entertainment experience begins.
Overwhelming sense of realism, high-end video and by the dramatic and thrilling story and battle, deliver the best of pachislot and entertainment experience ever!

Description from Youtube. It's Pachinko, baby.
They have a fantastic engine and gameplay system already done and mgs5 proves you don't need a story , so they could probably pump a game out pretty quickly .

However it will quickly be ruined by there online bs.


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I'm honestly surprised Konami spent the cash to get new CGI cutscenes done from MGS3 for a pachinko game.

Though...it IS a pachinko game, it'll make them money somehow, just not through my tears :'(


Prime pickings for who reads the OP and clicks links before posting and who just reads the thread title before blurting out crap.

It's a pachinko machine.
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