[Rumor] New PS4 UI leaked

Folders are my most wanted feature, even ahead of MP3 playback. Notifications look more polished as well. Hopefully Soony gives this to us at Gamescom.

Care to elaborate on what method would be better than folders?
Pretty much anything. All folders do is shorten the cluttered mess that is the content bar by allowing you to put multiple items into one tile. This doesn't solve the overall sorting and content management issues. What I would implement are these things:

- Sorting of the Library (A-Z, Last played, Favorite, and so on)
- The ability to hide items from the Library (Demo's, Betas and Apps for example)
- An option to limit the number of items shown on the content bar (last played 5,10,15 items).
- The ability to pin items to specific spots on the content bar.
- Have games installed via disc show up in the library while they are installed.

Folders have a place as an option, but they wouldn't be needed if the there were proper sorting and management options to begin with. There is already a library on the UI, it simply isn't being properly utilized. The Steam Big Picture mode UI is a fantastic example of how a properly utilized library and a limited last played list can work extremely well without the need for folders. Folders are the last thing they need as a sorting method in the kind of UI they have.
I just want to know why I can't delete the tabs out of my library from old games I played and will never play again like the Destiny Beta, Destiny Alpha, BF Hardline, and several other games and apps. The Sony E3 app is apparently in my library to stay for good as well.
Man you guys are intense. I just meant that "it's real" is my impression based on the quality. I'll edit my original to say that I THINK IT'S REAL GAIZ.
I'm surprised so many people thought this could be real.

Anyway, hopefully they actually update with the folders soon, as well as customized themes or at least colors...
They don't have to do **** and will still sell tens of millions of units. This is why the widespread Sony fanboyism isn't doing anyone any favors.
yeaaah I'm sure they are slow on the update release because they don't 'need' to do anything for the ps4 to sell well >_>

At least try to hide your bias. They are selling well exactly because they did the most basic important things well.

OT: Might be fake (mainly cuz of the thing pointed out by Zoda) but it also could be that an intern made a mistake. Gamescom will tell :)