RUMOR: Project Beast (From Software/Sony Japan Studio, PS4) [Port begging = ban]

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Jan 13, 2011
This comes from /v/ so take it with a grain of salt...but it looks pretty damn legit.
And the main character is using a shotgun!?

So...Beast Souls?

Three screens via JPS Kai:

he walked around

fought enemies

i can describe a giant mindflayer type enemy

a character placing a shining magic sword into a pedestal at the base of a statue

a huge pyromancy fireball


there was text "This is a nightmare."
Well it certainly looks like a real video game.

I'm also heard this name uttered multiple times for the project so it seems plausible.


Okay so since a lot of people seem to be questioning if this is real, let's do a quick analysis:

Do the screenshots look like something that someone could have easily photoshopped? Are there screenshots of a game, or only a logo? Are there multiple of them? Do they show any signs of being from a different game? Is the scope of the screenshots within the realm of something a hoaxer could make in a short period of time? Do they resemble other games from the purported developer? Has there been any supporting evidence anywhere else?

I would propose these look like an actual video game that has both From's art direction and technology. We know Yoshida hinted at something along these lines at one point as well, as we know that From Software has both senior and non-senior staff that worked on Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1 that was unaccounted for in Dark Souls 2.

Now, obviously the logo for the studio and the game could have been faked much easier, but in context there's not too much reason to disbelieve them.


Apr 3, 2013
From Software made Shadow Tower, guys. They've already made dark fantasy games with guns already, that's not actually new territory for them.
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