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Rumor: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the next PC port being made by Nixxes


I think the test, again we are talking about quite a lot of months of additional work (which you are discounting), will be a PC with 8 GB of RAM and 4 GB of VRAM max (keeps the Windows tax in check and is fair to how much free VRAM you would have for graphics only on PS4) and bandwidth, 8 cores Jaguar like CPU specs (or a bit more since yes you are running on Windows), and a mechanical <7000 RPM HDD and then see what the cuts are and what the performance is.

You want to talk about a PS4 target, put it in the same conditions. If you talk about 16 GB of RAM and 8+ GB of VRAM and Ryder 4 cores then we’ll, you are winning against your own strawmen and you know it…
Months by one guy maybe.


PixelatedBeast PixelatedBeast

Yeah, you’re misunderstanding my comment. I’m referring the bc, which Sony is inconsistent with. I don’t expect PS5 games to be supported by Sony beyond PS6, given their track record.

With PC, those games will never be left behind.
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Hope it's true, should run much better on my PC than on PS5.

I'd love to see high performance and RT at the same time :messenger_smiling_with_eyes:
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