Rumor: Tales of The World Radiant Mythology 2 Wii bound? Or is it a listing mistake?

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I was browsing Sting's (developed Dokapon Kingdom) website, and they had a link to this page showing a whole bunch of games that they're somehow involved with, I don't know HOW they are, but anyway...

I looked at their Wii list, and in the 2009 section, along with several of MMV's Wii games, Kizuna, Black Knight, Fragile, Deca Sports 2, etc, they also list Tales of The World Radiant Mythology 2.

Thing is, that would be the only non-Wii game on that entire list.

A possible leak? A typo? Perhaps it was actually meant to list the new Wii Tales game?

Here's the link and the Google Translated version:

I'm certainly confused but also highly skeptical. Sting may have some talent, but I find it odd that they would actually leak a game like this. That's usually a retailer's job. :p


I wouldn't mind it. I am an optimistic person. If the game turns out to be good, regardless whether or not the graphics are updated, I'll give it a shot! If it's even true.
Those aren't games Sting is involved with, it's just a normal release list calendar showing most of the major titles coming out. I can't imagine why Sting would have inside information on games they aren't involved with.

Interesting catch, but I'm gonna say 99% chance it's a "listing mistake."
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