*Rumor* The Order: 1886 delayed

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Well it seriously looks like it needs some work done so I'm happy with this. I'm excited to see if they manage to pull a DriveClub with this title.
Ah Sony... a lot of games they tend to show off, always seem to get delayed.

TLG, FFXV, Destiny, Watch Dogs, this... pretty sure I'm missing some. :p
If this is true and there is nothing to replace it Sony really messed up with PS4 when it comes to games that is without even bringing up Japan.
If shinobi tweets it or confirms it then it's legit. FML. Thank god I got a Wii U. Maybe I'll cancel my preorder for it and put it towards $399 Xbox one.
Trust shinobi, folks.

As for the delay, it sucks but I'm confident it will be better for it. February is actually much sooner than I had feared. 3rd parties will have room to shine this year.
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